New Q and the Prison Yard Scramble

First time Q and first time posting.  The cooler temps and my personal preferences inspired what I’m going to call the prison yard scramble. Here’s how it went down.

15 SST

15 CP

10 sec Calf Stretch (flapjack)

Arm circles

Mosey to the Prison Yard

15 Cinder Block Curls

15 Cinder Block Overhead Press

Cinder Block Overhead Carry

I tapped into my basketball glory days with a few of the following favorites

15 sec machine guns

15 backboard smack

Defensive slide to entrance of prison yard

Here’s where the scramble starts…

Mosey to the wall – 15 muscle ups

Mosey to the parking lot – 15 calf raises

Mosey to the front of neighborhood – 15 merkins

Indian Run back to the playground – 15 dips, 15 pullups

Mosey back to the wall – 15 muscle ups

Mosey around (the scenic route) to the back entrance of prison yard.


Wrap it up with

15 WWII sit ups

15 Mason Twist

10 Pretzel Crunch (flapjack)

10 Crunchy Frogs

Thanks to the PAX for joining me.


4 thoughts on “New Q and the Prison Yard Scramble

  1. Trail Mix

    Great VQ Closer! Between the sub-70° temps, and how quick you kept things moving from one thing to the next, this morning’s beat down flew by. Don’t get me wrong, there was still plenty of sweat goin on… All in all a fun morning.

  2. Prison Fruit

    Great VQ Closer! Enjoyed it all around. I was starting to think you’d never step up and Q this town! That was a long time coming for sure; Great job, and it was straight yo!!

  3. Man Down

    @TheCloser, That was a “straight up” solid beatdown bro! Lots of variety and lots of ground covered. We want some more Closer Qs!

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