It does exist… The Skywalker backblast

Yes, it wasn’t posted the same day. Heck, not even in three days. But better late than never… So here’s your no-frills Skywalker BB:

– Mosey the hill loop with:
– Shuffle left
– Shuffle right
– High knees
– Butt kickers
– Stoli skip

Circle up for:
– SSH x 19 IC
– Windmill x 15 IC
– Mountain Climber x 19 IC

Mosey toward park; stop along the way for:
– Cackalacka choo-choo
– Merkin adder (Sorry @Ponyboy!)
– Alternate down/up with each PAX who hops over
– Make two full passes through

Mosey to top of hill
Ladder of 12s – in/decrease by 2s
– CDD at top
– one-legged burpee at bottom

Mosey to stream bed – pick a rock
Carry to Pavilion
– Curls x 19 IC
– Major Payne in the morning x 15 IC
– Dips x 15 IC (for @Schultz)
– Maybe something else in here – I forget; it’s been so long since it occurred
– Repeato all sets

Mosey back to hill
Ladder of 12s by 2s
– Pull ups at bottom (Sorry @Farm!)
– One-legged burpee (other leg) at the top

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary:
– @Sugar ran a few things waiting for the 6 to arrive
– Squirm?
– W?
– Pretzel Crunch left x 19 IC
– Pretzel Crunch right x 19 IC
– Airborne Mindbender x infinity

COT and Chowderized BOM

– Not many/any to speak of…

– All kinds of apologies due – you know who you are.
– How was that 6th plate party at Flying Saucer @Sugar?
– Great job to all – get your friends and neighbors out!
– @Stagecoach and @Elm_Street – where are the rest of your #Skywalker boys?
– Welcome to @Herbicide – see you back out soon

1 thought on “It does exist… The Skywalker backblast

  1. Sugar

    I knew if I waited long enough I’d see it! Guess the beach house didn’t have Wifi?? Nice workout! Especially the soccer goal pull ups – part of the work out for us vertically challenged is just getting up there! ………

    @Grinder beat me back for Mary, was in process when I got there. Probably better anyway as I couldn’t breathe after the hill!

    Plate party was a blast! You’ll have to catch the next one – already 9 into #7!

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