#theBoneSaw cuts deep and painful

Thirteen chuckleheads converged from far and wide (the north, east and west) to see about this thing we call The Bonesaw.  Humidity and temps were down just a notch as we launched into a NoDa gloom-scape.

The Thange:

Launch from Amelie’s.  Run south on Davidson to left on 24th Street. Left on Pinckney. Left on 25th Street. Left on Davidson. Left on 24th.  AMRAP for 53 mins.


Apparently a gathering of pax adjourned to @FreePass’ mountain hideaway for a bacchanalian   rendezvous this weekend.  What goes in Blowing Rock stays in Blowing Rock, but #mumblechatter indicated the following: Jolly Roger was still slathered in BenGay, Dallas took a gateway drug (tater tot) that led to a binge of whipped cream, doughnuts and methamphetamine.  And then there was @Mooch… I won’t even go there.  All in all, they were slathered in BenGay, there was whipped cream, and it was all in a town called Blowing Rock.  On the trip to Bonesaw this morning we watched The Hangover, which seemed like Sesame Street in comparison.  “Dougie Doug Doug.”

In news from @PrimeTime:  He has made a friend who has access to explosives, and MPrimeTime throat-punched him.

@Winnebago came in hot, took off like a rocket, and then suffered the dreaded visit from Mr. Miyagi’s friend, Mr. IGottaGo.  We’ve all been there and done that brother.  I did notice that Bonesaw takes us right past “Ivy’s Diaper Service.”  Maybe be could get them to sponsor the Bonesaw with some donations-in-kind?

@TheNanny , @Minnow, @Clueless and @Hambone all drove in from afar to undergo the Bonesaw.  All gave strong performances out there.  Awesome job men!  @pierogi opined that the bonesaw sucks, but maybe just a bit less suck than a few weeks ago.  Aye brother.  Concur.

Lots of iron on iron this morning.  Great training for brr and all other things devoted to soccer arms.   The Bonesaw is a physical/mental game, and knowing that your brothers are out there taking the grind makes it possible.  Aye.  Let’s do it again.

13 thoughts on “#theBoneSaw cuts deep and painful

  1. Jolly Roger

    All I can say to this BB is that everything posted above is true and you have just started to describe this weekend.
    Felt great to be back at the bonesaw, and while my goal of 14 was not attained, i still felt faster and stronger than last time. Im in again, i say we do it on the 31st, that will be the last tough run pre BRR for this guy.


  2. Winnebago

    There were 2 good things about this morning seeing all you gentlemen and the unpredictable breeze that kept showing up to whisper to me that I could keep going.

    I came up about .5 mile short of my first time, With the 2 minute late start and the screeching halt caused by #TBQ I will call it a push. But I will say that everyone who was there the first time you HAVE improved. Training pays off.

    @Nanny you are probably the nicest guy in F3 I mean that but you taunt everyone in that you never fail to make it seem so effortless. Never done the route before and yet you were the one person I know lapped me.

    @Minnow never fails to blow everyone away, he speeds up over time. Solid work.

    @Clueless @Jolly Roger and !Dallas were just taunting me all morning I would pass them only to have them pass me right back, I finally gave up and made it me vs me instead of me vs them.

    Great job by all and thanks @Gnarly Goat for starting this and keeping it going. I clearly has paid dividends.

  3. Jorel

    This looks painful from my DR vantage point (flat and humid runs won’t cut it). The best worst game in town…HC for 8/24 or 8/31 or both.


    1. Winnebago

      It ain’t easy being a big guy on these workouts. The physics are not in our favor. #clysdales #builtforrucking

      1. Jolly Roger

        Gravity can be used for your favor, something to remember on the BRR hills. You can’t be slow up hill and hold back down hill. I am slow up hill but try to even it out going downhill. That being said, I agree with you, it ain’t easy. Next time, I will not quit until I get 14, say a prayer for me in COT.

  4. The Nanny

    @GnarlyGoat Great route. A veritable crucible of hill induced torture. Big fan. For the small investment of 57 minutes of pain, I was rewarded with 1,035 feet of BRR training nirvana.

    For any pax that love data and/or love Strava, I created a segment named “F3 Bonesaw” and it has 15 people on the leaderboard led by Mortimer of course. Check it out: https://www.strava.com/segments/10180742

    @Mortimer I finally know the secret to keeping you within sight. Only run with you if you have run 20 miles in the last 18 hours. This morning had to have sucked! Oh the lactic acid in the legs… You too @PrimeTime.

    @Minnow 60 yrs old. Enough said.

    @Bago Physics are not in your favor. You always surprise me away by how fast you do get up those hills. Same with the MurphMile – you are always in front.

    1. Jolly Roger

      For real on @minnow, on the last lap he said “I don’t know what is wrong with me” as he struggled up the hill. I’m like, dude, I don’t even have enough air to respond to such a statement. RESPECT!
      Its weird that on a half mile loop I went the whole time without seeing Goat or Jenny, but Dallas and Clueless passed me twice a lap

  5. Gnarly Goat Post author

    @TheNanny came up on my port quarter and passed me like a cruiser going past a tugboat. Effortless. And @Minnow… well, that’s just something to see there. Double-respect and all I saw was his elbows until 0611 when I reversed course and found him coming up on my 6.

  6. Clueless

    Next time @SSMinnow invites me to a Harrisburg clown car, I’ll probably be busy. Nah… that was definitely worth the trip. Strong work @SSMinnow.

    Great find/mind @GnarlyGoat.

    Enjoyed pushing through it with the PAX this morning. It was fun doing the back and forth with @Winnebago, @Dallas, and @JollyRoger. I’m just glad the #shartnado didn’t get anyone.

    #TClaps to those who ripped through runs in the mountains over the weekend. I was up there, but the activities didn’t involve running. Had to do something like #thebonesaw to bring back the balance… #MellowMushroom in Blowing Rock is outstanding!

  7. Gnarly Goat Post author

    OK then… next #theBonesaw is Aug. 31. After that, the #brr hay is in the barn and we taper on down. Aye.

  8. SSMinnow

    I am a fan of making up ground on the downhills…that is what kept me running with the Pax this morning….even that was not enough as the grind wore on….strong finishes by @TheNanny, @Mortimer, @Clueless, @PrimeTime, and some Pax I met for the first time…..#badwithnames

    Can’t say that I enjoyed it, @GnarlyGoat, but I’m an HC for the next installment…need the @BRR15 prep

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