The Lone Wolf

Aye.  Harrisburg Steel Wheels.  Party of 1.

For anyone that is not familiar with “The Bike Snob”   According to the Bike Snob cyclist come in a variety of personas.   Today,  I thought of “The Lone Wolf.”   It may have been the fact that I had a solo “group” ride, or it could have been the coyote’s mocking me when my tail lamp fell off at a set of rail road tracks.

The Bike Snob NYC – The Lone Wolf:  

” As his name suggest, he usually rides alone, but you may also see him at large charity rides or centuries, as he can be drawn into the pack by promise of free food at rest areas.”   

“Why Other Cyclist Don’t Like Them”

“All cyclist like the Lone Wolf – or at least respect him.”

Compatibility with other Cyclist. 

“Avoids other cyclist, though will appear at charity rides like a coyote stealing food from a campground in the desert.”

Here’s the route  on Strava.      Overall 30 miles at 18.9 mph.




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