Deck of Pain

9 Lakers showed up for the “Deck of Pain” on a beautiful Saturday morning.  We enjoyed a nice breeze without the high humidity we have felt the past several weeks.  Special thanks to Buckwheat and Toxic for a little help when YHC needed it.  Toxic had to continue to remind YHC on my VQ that it is not “Ready positions move” but “Starting positions move”.  Halfway through the workout YHC finally got the hang of it.  Welcome to FNG, Chris.  Things went a little something like this:



  • Mosey
  • 15 Side Straddle Hops IC
  • 5 Mercans IC
  • 10 Half Jacks IC
  • 5 Wide grip Mecans IC
  • 15 Imperial Storm Troopers IC
  • 5 Diamond Mercans
  • 15 Mountain Climbers IC
  • 5 Bulldog Mercans
  • 20 LBC
  • 15 Windmill
  • Flower “Bring Sally Up/Down” Song
    • 1 min push-ups
    • 1 min squats
    • 36 min of reverse crunch
  • Card Game:

Spades: LBCs

Diamonds: Air Squats

Clubs: Mercans

Hearts: Burpees

Numbers: The number of reps that must be done. Jacks: 11 reps Queens: 12 reps Kings: 13 reps Aces: You name it

Doubles: Two cards of the same value drawn in a row doubles the number of reps. Triples: Three cards of the same value drawn in a row triples the number of reps.


LBC, low flutter, Low Dolly, Mason Twist

Gents:  Thanks so much for the privilege to lead the group this morning for my first Q.  I really enjoyed it and I appreciate all of you helping me through my first Q.

Prayers for baby Hudson, Toxic’s mother-in-law, and Rehab’s new LifeGroup.

Farm – hope you feel better soon!


6 thoughts on “Deck of Pain

  1. The Farm

    I REALLY hate that I missed this! Glad that @Buckwheat and @Toxic were there to help. As I read the BB, I was thinking…do I say ready positions or starting? I think I say starting…otherwise one of the wise guy pax would’ve called me out a long time ago!

    Being sick sucks. I was trying to convince my M that exercise is good for it but she wasn’t having any of that. I hope to be 100% by Monday.

    Men, don’t forget that you have until August 24th to order a Davis Lake shirt! Check your email for details.

    Welcome Chris!

  2. Cinder Block

    Sorry I missed it, sounded like a good one! I’ll trade a couple workouts with the M and see if I can’t get by to see some of the Lakers in the next couple weeks. I probably need to open up that Q sign up @ The Farm sent me also.

  3. The Farm

    Also congrats to King Julien, our first Q to come out of Davis Lake!!! Who’s going to be next?? It’s fun inflicting pain on the pax!

  4. Preamble

    Nice work Q-ing this morning, King Julian. The double/triple cards were brutal but good for the Pax (whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right???). Enjoyed it!

  5. Buckwheat

    No problem @King Julian. Good job w/ your VQ! I was excited to here that we wouldn’t be much running today. That is, until I saw burpees were part of the Deck of Pain! Sally Up and Down was no joke, either!

    I’m pretty sure you got ready position move from me as I noticed today that I do that…

    @The Farm- Hope you feel better soon, brother!

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