Wheres that kettlebell?

B.O.M.B. started with Dutch looking like Sherlock Holmes looking for his kettlebell in the bushes. We’re not sure why he couldnt find it, but it appears he found one of @thefarm 5lb. kb’s.

After the pax got all their kb’s set, they marched into the gloom for Belding beatdown that went like this.

Mosey around PL
SSH x 15
Bobby Hurley’s x 15
Merkins x 15

Superset Ladders
Sumo Squats/Bobby Hurleys x 5, x 10, x 15, x 20 (and back down)
Bicep Curls/Tricep Extensions x 5, x 10, x 15, x 20 (and back down)
Shoulder Press/Clean and Press x 5, x 10, x 15, x 20 (and back down)

Sumo Squat x 10
Bobby Hurley x 10
Bicep Curls x 10
Tricep Ext x 10
Shoulder Press x 10
Clean and Press x 10

LBC’s (w/kb) x 15
W’s (w/kb) x 15
Pretzel Crunch x 15

The sweaty moleskin-

The beatdown started with some potential #mumblechatter that could have easily derailed the Q, but the pax stayed on task and kept pushing to come up and down the ladders.

I want to give a spcial shout out to @urlacher and @mandown who helped provide a little light this morning when they took their shirts off. #whiteshadow.

@pax- great push by all this morning.
@r2d2- we almost had a front row seat to your almost spilled merlot. #donteatjetspizzathenightbefore
@dutch- welcome back and glad you got your hands on a bell.
@preamble- good to see you back out this morning.
@fj- yes, I know I should increase my weight. I will get on the #kbexchange
@conchito- great to see your consistency and push every Friday man!

40 thoughts on “Wheres that kettlebell?

  1. The Farm

    Now wait just one minute. My KBs are not 5 lbs! And I’m using a 30 now and could maaaybe go up to 35… #rememberthestrengthratio #safetyfirst

    @Belding, don’t YOU have a 5 lber that you earned after your awesome suggestions for what to name SWAT??? #iremember

    Looks like it was a good beatdown!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice one this morning. It was tough. Belding, you must go up in weight. That was too easy for you

        1. Forgotten Jelly

          9 months to go up from 30 to 40. I started at 25 last spring. You know, if you’re going to talk shit, at least have your facts straight.

  3. Buckwheat

    Let’s not forget that both Dingo and Coyote were mysteriously absent today…. #spendingtimetogetherinthefartsacktoo????

    At least Jelly was there struggling w/ the rest of us today. That just flat out sucked. The sumo/Bobby Hurley ladder did me in from the start. Well done, Belding!

    1. Coyote

      We had a clown car of me , Dingo, and Pongo to go explore Skywalker today thank you very much!

        1. Dingo

          I was there but didn’t see you? But then i don’t think I looked down the whole workout 😉

    2. Forgotten Jelly

      Yep, that sumo squat/Bobby Hurley ladder was terrible. I never thought the Bobby Hurley would be so tough.

  4. King Louie

    Glad to know I wasn’t the only one on a great kettle bell hunt. I did not like my find of the 45 and 50lb kbs! Glad I can still borrow the 25 from @ManDown until I can feel better about a kb purchase!

    @Belding you left out the mosey to out back with 10 pull ups, 15(?) x chest presses, the wiggler (squirm? I can never remember) and I’m feeling like there was one more…. Give your beat down more credit 🙂

  5. Buckwheat

    Glad to know you weren’t fartsacking together. That truly was a clown car with you three miscreants!

    1. Dingo

      Lol! Nerves be hit 😉

      Just remember guys “band aids don’t fix bulletholes” #wisdomwords

  6. Man Down

    That beatdown awesomely sucked today, Belding! I’m still feeling all rubbery like Gumby right now. The last minute shift to a 35# bell hurt, but I’m glad I did it. Great Q!

  7. Buckwheat

    Okay, kids. No need to get your panties in a wad. We’re all friends here, most of the time anyway ;-).

  8. Buckwheat

    Oh, that’s because we were busy lifting weights while people were lifting you up so you could reach the pull up bar…

    1. The Farm

      Just to be clear, it was a soccer goal post and I would’ve been able to get up there myself if it weren’t for those hills and burpees. 🙁 But you can believe that when I did get up there, I knocked them out!

  9. Buckwheat

    LOL. Someone may have told me about that this morning :-). I don’t kiss and tell though….

  10. MrBelding Post author

    Oooh, that was harsh @dingo! A lot of hate going around this morning.

    BTW, some called @thefarm “Curtis” last night at the flashmob 5k. #secretidentity

  11. BlindDate

    Great workout @Belding. Definitely took it to another level with those clean and presses. I thought for sure we were going to get a front row show of @R2D2 merlot spillage. Wasn’t looking forward to it as much as I was concerned whether I would be in the “splash zone”.

    @ManDown – loved the shirt today, at least while you had it on.

    And for the record, I’m not a Duke fan (sorry @Raptor) and thus am considering officially protesting the Bobby Hurley exercise from this day forward. Not only because he played for Duke, but also because that exercise sucks.

      1. BlindDate

        No problem @Belding. It was either the “splash zone” reference OR a full recount of the scene from “Stand by Me” where the dude pukes after the pie eating contest. For those of you who aren’t “hate” but rather “hate hate”, here is the clip:



  12. Forgotten Jelly

    I also want to say that the clean and press sucked! Now I see why some guys will bring two kettlebells to the workout.

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