Back at it after a brief Q Hiatus!

As I was rushing out of the house this morning, I was thinking, I’m going to be late for my Q!  I put the pedal to the metal this morning to make sure I was there to deliver a beatdown to you men.  I got there at exactly 5:30am so I don’t consider myself late like some (looking at you S.T.R.U.T.).  And hey, I’m on vacation so…  Anyway, 7 other men decided to join YHC this morning to participate in a beatdown that went like this:


Warm up mosey

15 SSH
15 CP
15 MC
15 Windmills (at both tall guy and short guy pace)

The Thang:


At .25 miles
5 burpees OYO
10 merkins IC
15 LBCs


At .25 miles
5 burpees OYO
10 CDDs
15 WW2 sit-ups


At .25 miles
5 burpees
10 manmaker merkins
15 Arnolds (shout out to pebbles from Indianland for this one)

Turn around and head back to clubhouse

At .25 miles
5 burpees
10 bulldog merkins IC
15 plank jacks


At this point, I wanted to admire the lake…what better way to do so than with air squats???  10 Air Squats IC


At .25 miles
5 burpees
10 hand release merkins IC
15 rosalitas

Mosey to clubhouse and grab some wall

10 inclined merkins
10 LBCs IC
10 declined merkins
10 LBCs IC
10 dips
10 LBCs IC

YHC would really like some walls closer to the AO but realized that wishing for them to appear will not make them actually appear so…mosey to the parking lot.

At this point S.T.R.U.T. comes…strutting our way saying he’s been looking for us this whole time and other mumblechatter about how he thought F3 did not leave a man behind.  Aye brother but we also start at 5:30am!

Extended CP & Mary (Pax Led)

COT, BOM (including prayer request for Hudson who is defying the odds as we speak).

NAP for YHC and maybe Schultz


Thanks for indulging me this am.  As I mentioned, I had one workout in mind that was going to REALLY suck.  This one only mildly sucked.

I’ve been thinking about the various men who have told me they could not run a mile. People say that all the time when they first start F3 and then find themselves on a mudrunning team dominating a 6.2 mile mud obstacle course.

The plan was supposed to be 1.5 miles but I think we did 1.2. I’m no mathematician but I AM a CPA and 1.2 miles is greater than the 1 mile some of you men claimed that you couldn’t complete. Just sayin’


Flash Mob 5k in Concord Mills this afternoon!

T-shirt is very close to completion and does NOT have my little ponies on it (sorry Piston).

Forgot to mention this, but a new AO is starting on 8/17 at Mallard Creek Elementary that will include a Monday & Friday bootcamp option!  Click here for more details.

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      I’m in! I encourage all Davis Lake men to come out for this inaugural beat down!

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