Paradise by the Glowstick Lights

Six men and a dog took off from Town Hall, and soon noticed a headlamp gaining on us….quickly. Now seven strong, we headed off in a new direction…..

Out towards Ruckus House, cross 49, down Saddle Creek Rd, jump the gate and down Shamrock Road.

Since YHC was…uh…watching the six, the lead pax didn’t notice as I dropped a glow stick at the top of the Shamrock Road hill, one at the middle of the hill, then one at the bottom of the hill where they were called to a halt for further instructions:

Up Shamrock to the middle glowstick and back to the bottom, then up to the far glowstick and back. Rinse and repeat until 0600ish, then head back to Town Hall.

COT with the Warrior One pax, where Othello takes us out.

1. Enjoyed the run. Original plan was to hit the Patricia Road hill, over and over. Thanks to Hootie for the tip on the new route with the Saddle Creek/Shamrock connection.
2. Overall, we covered 4.5-5 miles, with at least half of the mileage uphill.
3. Strong work by PapaJohn, SunDial and SoloCup for pushing us all. I was too far back and it was too dark to see who was pushing whom among those three, so sound off below.
4. Welcome back to Gapper from his mission trip to Mexico. Sounds like it was a great time as they not only got to build more homes, but visit with the folks for whom they built homes last year. His welcome home dinner apparently was a full rotisserie chicken which, for the record, results in a wide array of bodily emissions the next morning.
5. Swami is training for BRR just in case someone needs a last minute replacement. He seems so exciting about the prospect, those running need to be on the lookout before he goes all TanyaHarding on you…
6. Starsky had some idea of what he was getting into this morning, yet still found breath to tell me “not gonna lie, you are not my friend right now” during the hill repeats. BS calls come in many forms!

pax tibi

6 thoughts on “Paradise by the Glowstick Lights

  1. Gamma Post author

    Thanks for the honor of leading. I think that route opens up whole new possibilities, although the 49 crossing after 0600 is dicey!

  2. Swami

    Got my crow bar so better pick up the pace.
    Loved the change of venue this am… Good tip Hootie! @ Gamma the glow sticks made the party.

  3. Gapper

    For the record I’m blaming the emissions on inferior Harris Teeter rotisserie chicken. My body is a finely-tuned metabolic machine accustomed to the highest-quality Costco rotisserie chickens (and occasional Bojangles Cajun chicken biscuits).

  4. SoloCup

    Nice lead @Gamma

    @Swami was pushing me at the front, thank goodness Petey was holding him back. @PappaJohn is getting stronger. It won’t be long before he’s got me. @SunDial is killing it, not sure what he’s doing but I need to start.

    Nice work from the entire Pax.

  5. SunDial

    Lowes Foods has the best rotisserie chicken, IMO.

    @SoloCup- lots of roids and PEDs – that’s my secret!

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