Nice 4 mile cruise

10 men came to Tradition for a nice, humid 4.12 mile cruise.

The Thang:
– Right out of church onto Prosperity Church Rd
– Continue straight onto Benfield Rd
– Go over 485 and take right at traffic circle onto Craven Thomas Rd
– Go to second traffic circle and take right onto Prosperity Ridge Rd
– Take right onto Johnston Oehler Rd
– Take left onto Prosperity Church Rd back to church

– We had 10 runners today. There were 10 at Iron Fist. I believe that Tradition is becoming a running group.
– Nice push by everyone this morning. Did anyone see Dingo? That Aussie is getting fast!

12 thoughts on “Nice 4 mile cruise

  1. Coyote

    Good route Jelly!

    I did the calculation and my pace was around 9.5 minutes! Thanks to @Jelly, @Urlacher, @MrBelding, and that fast Aussie for keeping the pace quick and helping me push!

    1. Coyote

      I was about to say that if you would have been there then we would have…but then you told me good job…so I won’t say that! I won’t say that if we had The Farm there today we would have beaten Iron Fist! I just won’t say that…

      1. The Farm

        Hey! I was thinking it! However, one of the many things I’ve learned over this past year is to make time for my family. Sooo I’m out of town on vacation with my M. Don’t worry though, I’ll be there on Friday with plenty of mumblechatter for the BOMB Q (please let it be Coyote).

        1. Coyote

          Hope you’re enjoying vacation!

          I have next Friday for BOMB, but @Dingo has SWAT on Monday! #evillaugh

  2. Dingo

    Good run gents and good numbers at the cruise!

    Thanks to you guys I am getting faster!

    Couldn’t catch jelly today though

    1. Forgotten Jelly Post author

      You were close brother. Not far behind at all. You should blame coyote though, he was the one who suggested I eat a banana before I run. Definitely helped today and last Saturday.

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