I fear we haven’t run enough

First time Qing in Mint Hill. Heck, first time Qing outside of Sweet Union. With BRR coming up, it’s always a good time to run. Let’s go

The Thang

Mosey to the loop track in the parking lot


SSH IC x50
All You Got (AYG) lap around the loop track
IW IC x20

Mosey to the road beside the school.

AYG for half the road and then 50% to basically the back of the school (approximately 150 yards I’d guess)
AYG back for half the road and then 50% to the front of the school.

Partner up by speed for a Dora 1-2-3
P1 runs to the sidewalk near the back of the school and does 10 reps of an exercise and then runs back while P2 does the combined exercises. Flapjack until combined exercises are completed. Notice given by YHC that if you slow run it, you make your partner suffer. Don’t be that guy.

Round 1: 100 Burpees combined with the runner doing 10 Carolina Dry Docks. Plank until all groups are done.
People’s Chair with 40 air presses as active recovery
Round 2: 200 LBCs combined with runner doing 10 Army Situps. Plank until all groups are done.
People’s Chair with 40 air presses
Round 3: 300 squats combined with runner doing 10 bomb jacks. Plank until all groups are done.
SSH IC x29 (don’t ask as I don’t have a good answer for stopping on 29)

Mosey to the parking lot in front of the school.

AYG backwards run across the parking lot (a gentle uphill run)
Karaoke Right down the parking lot
Karaoke Left back up the parking lot

Mosey to the lot with the cars

Dolly IC x35
Flutter IC x 10


Thanks to Maple Syrup for taking us out.
Running Bear tomorrow at the Vet and Saturday also at the Vet.

Thanks for letting me lead today. I’m a fan of the Dora 1-2-3 because it works lots of different body parts and incorporates running. The official exercise is supposed to be 100 merkins but 100 burpees seemed better, well, until about 50 burpees into it and I realized that idea sucked.
I did appreciate all the encouragement that I saw the PAX giving each other during those runs to keep at it.
Best moment of the day was Maple Syrup telling me he did 10 encouragements after he finished a run. I told him that’s great but those are not a substitute for squats. Great try Pastor but it is sort of your job to encourage.
Great job by Blue Crush coming back out for round #2 this week after being a FNG on Monday. I can already tell he will be #F3strong
I saw lots of solid work out there by all the PAX. Lots of cardio = lots of sweat but everyone kept after it and all groups hit the combined reps. #getbetter was on display today.
It’s a honor to get to lead men such as you guys.

11 thoughts on “I fear we haven’t run enough

  1. Hair Band

    You are just mean… 100 burpees and running?! They would probably rather me bring Jack Webb back!

  2. Glass Joe Post author

    Oh hush! Burpees and running are never mean. Pretty sure they go together like Ren and Stimpy. Not sure when we started SSH IC x50. Oh wait, yes I am. EE started that junk and we’ve just adopted it. This was not a HB friendly Q.

  3. Horsehead

    We all know that you imported this backblast from Nike to Strava, making it appear 15% harder.

  4. Glass Joe Post author

    HH, Pretty sure you did the same number of reps by not posting that you would have done if you had posted. Solid work by you.

  5. Toolman

    That was a killer workout. Thank you Glass Joe.

    Greatest line ever:
    Great try Pastor but it is sort of your job to encourage.

    Hey , look at that, a MH Pax posting.

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