Cinderblock Burpee/Sledgehammer Special

20 faithful pax members showed up at Tradition this morning. 10 went on a cruise, while the other 10 stayed with YHC for a cinderblock burpee fest with some tire work and sledgehammer slams. Last night, when thinking about what we were going to do today, I said to myself “whatever it is, is needs to suck” and that it did!

Here’s how things went down:
Disclaimer (including a statement about minimal running today)
Mosey around parking lot. @ Gentile Grizzly misinterpreted disclaimer regarding little running today as no running. Sorry, GG!
Pick up sledgehammers and mosey to outback.

Warm up:

Windmill X10IC
Cotton Picker X10IC
Shoulder Stretch
Arm Circles
Hamstring stretch
Copperhead Squats X10IC
Peter Parker X10IC

The Thang:

Grab a CB
10 CB Burpees
15 LBC’s w/ CB
9 CB Burpees
15 LBC’s w/ CB
8 CB Burpees
15 LBC’s w/ CB
7 CB Burpees
10 W’s w/ CB
6 CB Burpees
10 W’s w/ CB
5 CB Burpees
10 W’s w/ CB

Get in groups of 3 and grab a tire and 2 CB’s per group. Q fail initially as I said one CB. Each partner rotates through each of the three stations noted below.
Partner 1: 1 min. of Sledgehammer Slams (alternating right and left).
Partner 2: 1 min. of Air Squats w/ CB. Well, they are not really air squats with cinderblocks. Thanks, Pax for reminding me of that #Qfail#2!
Partner 3: 1 min. of WWII Sit Ups w/ CB.
1 min. plank on CB while YHC does sledgehammer slams due to being odd man out on three man group.

Repeato on 1 min. stations with following exercises (each partner goes through each station):
Partner 1: Tire flip, jump throughs (need a new name for these as the Pax pointed out we were not jumping through the tire, rather in and out.
Partner 2: 1 min. of chest presses w/ CB
Partner 3: 1 min. curls w/ CB.

Grab two more tires and get in groups of two. Tire flip burpee partner medley the length of the outback field. 10 incline merkins IC on tire. Tire flip burpee partner medley back to other end of the outback field. 10 incline merkins IC on tire.

Put up tires and cinderblocks and grab sledgehammers. Mosey back to parking lot for MARY.

Low Flutter X12IC


Sweaty Moleskin
1) This beatdown sucked, so mission accomplished! Almost no mumble chatter which was surprising from the Tradition Pax. Guess we need the ring leaders @Dingo and @Coyote for that…
2) Strong work by all today!
3) T-Claps to @Pony Boy and @Shawshank for beating everyone in the partner tire flip burpee medley. Thanks for the push at the end of that @Conchito. I was gassed the last 30 feet…
4) Thoughts and prayers for UNCC asst. football coach who had a heart attack last night and his family.

8 thoughts on “Cinderblock Burpee/Sledgehammer Special

  1. King Louie

    @Buckwheat Not sure how you find the cinder block burpees much easier than regular, you must be doing something wrong!

    At least “air squats with cinder blocks” sort of rhymes? Usually it is “call them sumo squats but then just do regular squats” instead.

  2. GentleGrizzly

    Nice beatdown @Buckwheat! Thanks for the burpees, you know I love them. I usually pair them wtih KBs though. I like the tire flip burpee medley. I may bring that out another time in the future.

  3. GentleGrizzly

    @ribshack – nice work on the tire flip burpee medley. I’m pretty sure we were first on the second time down, but the Q forgot to mention that. Thanks Q!

    1. RibShack

      Aye! Didn’t want to point that out, seemed like Q had enough on him today. Good thing everyone was pretty quiet.

  4. Buckwheat Post author

    Sorry guys, was teaching all day and couldn’t respond to your posts….

    1) @Gentle Grizzly & @Ribshack, my bad on shorting you on the tire flip medley. I was too busy sucking wind at the end of the second one to see the actual victors #QFailagain!

    2) @King Louie- I know it’s makes no sense, but CB burpees are easier than regular ones for me for some odd reason. Probably the angle on the merkin and movement to get my feet back under me. Either way, ALL burpees suck!

    3) @Gentile Grizzly- You’re welcome for the burpees. I can’t take credit for the tire flip burpee medley though. That was @Dutch’s genius idea from last week!

    @RibShack- You’re ready to lead. When are you going to Q????

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