Three Years Flys By Quickly

22 Men joined in the gloom to share in celebrating the 3 yr anniversary of YHC and also the birthday of Dropcloth.

Short disclaimer was read and then we were off

Run up and down hills to the outfield of the baseball diamond which was in terrible shape by the way.

SSH x20
Wind Mill x20
Merkins x5
Wide Merkins x5
Diamond Merkins x5
Staggered Merkins (right arm out) x5
Staggered Merkins (left arm out) x5
Carolina Dry Dock x5
Mountain Climbers x10

Meet at home plate and partner up
Partner carrier to left foul pole
Run from left field foul pole to right field foul pole
Partner carry to home plate

Run to blechers

Partner up for 4 sets of the following…
15 Partner Suspended Merkins
15 Partner Suspendes Dips

Run to the middle of football field

Partner up for 4 sets of the following…
12 Partner Derkins
15 Partner T-Bag Throwdowns

Line up on track for 1 round of Catalackachoochoo

Run to wall

Peoples chair with 10 Air Press
10 Squats and 10 Merkins
People chair with 10 air press
12 Squats and 12 Merkins
Peoples chair with 10 air press
14 Squats and 14 Merkins

Run to Grass area near parking lot for MARY

Low Flutter
Low Dolly
Pretzel Crunch
Pickle Pounder
Monkey Humper

I think at the end I heard alot of “I am glad that is finished”. I assume because some of the exercises were a little partner intensive. I hope you got your partners name because that would just be crazy to get that close and not know his name. Ok enough of that!

Its been a pleasure to get to know all you men over the last three years. Each of you have contributed something to my life one way or another, directly or indirectly. I have made many friends and some of you have held me accountable in way or another. I really do think I would be a divorced sadclown dad if it wasnt for you men displaying the godly attributes of what a dad and husband should be. Thank you for that. Three years later and I am still married to my beautiful M with three boys under the age of three, ouch! Loving every minute of the craziness.

Thanks for joining me men. The Shield is tomorrow at Grinders casa at 20:00. Be there to get some 3rdF in as we all need it.