The Q is Late!

YHC guest-Q’d at Boondocks this morning and showed up almost on time…  Due to YHC’s bum knee, there was no running involved – only pain.



SSH, IST, Cotton-pickers, Windmill, Arm-circles


The Thang:

1-5 then 5-1 progressions of pain (1x first exercise, then 1x second exercise, then 2x first exercise, etc. all the way up to 5x, then 5x of each exercise back down to 1x).

1. CDDs and Plank Jacks

2. Slow squats and SSHs

3. Merkins and Mountain Climbers

4. Burpees and J-Lo’s

Lastly, 1:4 merkins and airpresses (1x merkin, 4x air presses increasing incrementally up to 5x merkins, 20x air presses)



LBCs, Pretzel Crunches, Mason Twist, Low Dolly, Low Flutter, Airborne Mindbender


It is always a pleasure Q’ing at Boondocks – look forward to it again in the future.

2 thoughts on “The Q is Late!

  1. Deuce

    Thanks for the guest-Q and a solid beatdown, No H. No running = more time for pain. #SimpleButEffective

  2. Schedule C

    I haven’t put in that much work in once place in a long time. Feeling it this afternoon. Great job No H!

    I also learned that @Deuce owns shorts and tennis shoes. WHO KNEW???


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