There’s just something about Mary…and mumble-chatter

Since I have been at F3, I have noticed the trend that Mary gets left to the end of most beatdowns. This is sad to me because even though Mary can sometimes be a cold-heartless b****, she has so much to offer!!!

So YHC showed up with the plan today to give Mary her day! The PAX was confused when we started the warm-up off and had a Mary exercise in there already. I believe I heard @ManDown and @TheFarm say, “Is the workout over??” No it wasn’t!

As per usual, plenty of mumble chatter by the usual suspects today. I did appreciate @Buckwheat coming to the Q’s defense when the mumble chatter started! Even though after about a minute he started adding to it!


Mosey to other side of the parking lot


Pretzel Crunches IC*15 (Then FlapJack)


LBC’s IC*20

Mountain Climbers IC*15

Mosey back to bells

The Thang:

Dutch Cucumbers OYO*15 (Then Flapjack)

Pretzel Crunches IC*10 (Then FlapJack)

Curls OYO*15

Pretzel Crunches IC*10 (Then FlapJack)

High Lawn Mower Pulls OYO*15 (Then FlapJack)

Pretzel Crunches IC*10 (Then FlapJack)

KB or Staggered Merkins OYO*15 (Then FlapJack…A lot of chatter about what to call these, because @Buckwheat seemed to think that having one hand on the ground and one on the KB was not a form of being staggered…)

Pretzel Crunches IC*10 (Then FlapJack)

KB Swings OYO*15

Pretzel Crunches IC*15 (Then FlapJack)

“Tricept Extenions” OYO*15

Pretzel Crunches IC*25 (Then FlapJack)…We did extra here because @TheFarm wanted an audible, so the Q gave him a freaking audible!!


Dutch Cucumbers OYO*15 (Then Flapjack)

Straight Leg Raises with KB Extended OYO*15

Curls OYO*15

Straight Leg Raises with KB Extended OYO*12

High Lawn Mower Pulls OYO*15

Straight Leg Raises with KB Extended OYO*10

Staggered KB Merkins OYO*15 Then FlapJack

Straight Leg Raises with KB Extended OYO*10

KB Swings OYO*15

Straight Leg Raises with KB Extended OYO*10

“Tricept Extenions” OYO*15


LBC’s IC*10 straight into KB Toe Touches IC*10

Statue of Liberty Walk opposite way around the hill alternating arms up in the air

Pretzel Crunches with Slower Cadence IC *15

Airborne Mindbender

The Sweaty Six-Pack Moleskin:

1. Someone asked if the Q was a professional, and the Q had to answer honestly with a “Yes,” and that was meant with plenty of chatter…apparently the Q should lie next time!

2. One prayer request that needs to be heard by all of F3 is that we really need to pray for our brother @Dingo. I don’t think he is adjusting well to our American culture because pattern-recognition was not his strong suit. Let’s pray he gets a better grasp on our language and culture!

3. I always love the mumble chatter in the morning when Q’ing because at a certain point, the PAX shuts up! It always gives the Q energy!

4. I have a call into Abercrombie and Fitch for all of us to get some hours in at their stores as shirtless models…after today I believe that we are all qualified…especially @GAM!!!!

5. Always fun leading this group of men!! Sound off below!!



8 thoughts on “There’s just something about Mary…and mumble-chatter

  1. The Farm

    Anyway! Great workout Coyote! However, I don’t remember the pax shutting up! I have thought the same thing about ab work and have considered doing an ab centric beat down but knew the mumblechatter would be brutal. I was right!

    1. Coyote Post author

      I knew I forgot someone important!!!

      And the PAX shutting up was for like 1 minute and that’s what I was thinking of!

      Sowwy for forgetting you Farm!

  2. GAM

    Great Beatdown Coyote. I hate Mary as much as the next but I’m Glad to put in great work. The Farm was the only one who heard me say, “My wife doesn’t care about a 6 pack she drinks wine.” But I think with some more Mary we could take Abercrombie and Fitch by storm and have exclusive F3 deals

  3. Buckwheat

    Mr. NOT professional’s feelings are hurt and so are his abs :-)! As much as I hate MARY, she does have some redeeming qualities. Thanks for incorporating more of her into a beatdown.

    @Urlacher- LOL when you asked if I had eaten gluten this morning causing all my hate speak.

    @Farm- I’m w/ you as the mumble chatter only stopped during the last exercise: airborne mindbender….

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    Looks like I missed a good one. I was doing an earlier KB workout that @coyote led and that sucked. I’ll have to try this one on Friday.

  5. Maximus_MECA

    Great workout @Coyote. You defintely stayed on task despite the mumble chatter. Thx for the explanation in the bb that you were working our abs. Duh. I thought perhaps you were trying a crossfit type workout alternating kbs with abs. The abs don’t get a lot of attention, despite what @dutch testifies to, so it was a great beatdown isolating the abs in addition to kbs.

  6. Dingo

    Nice change up Coyote. Those homer to Marge/leg raises were not fun. Nor were the pretzel crunches. I did 110 of them at the Precinct last week and had only just recovered from them……..thanks for that…..

    Definitely some protective big brother action going on there by Gangsta! Just glad Ghetto D didn’t start flexing his guns!!

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