Dora makes an appearance at the “Varsity” workout

The Men of Mecca gave me the keys to El Dorado and I was hoping I didn’t disappoint.  I thought that Dora would be horrible and after running 14 miles yesterday I proved myself correct.  A short disclaimer was given in the parking lot and off we went to the trail that leads back to the football stadium.


–Partner up size does not matter but speed and grit will.  Partner A will run up the hill to the “Moving Quarterback” statue and back to partner B who will be doing the exercise.  Flip-Flop while continuing on with the count until numbers are hit.  Exercises below

100 Burpees

200 Lunges (100 each leg)

300 Hand Release Merkins (audible to either 150 or 200 help me remember)

400 Abs (200 WWII situps and 200 Pickle Pounders)

*Once completed if time permitted I said to run to Stairway to Heaven and start all over.  Multiple audibles were given and most chose to run to the deck and back to the beginning.  I believe team VT (Frodo and Mortimer) were the only ones to make it up the Stairway to Heaven.  I know I sweet talked Winnebago to go to the top of the hill by the deck and head back to the start.

According to my watch you should have accumulated around 4 to 5 miles depending on if you went to the deck or not.  My tally was 4.4

Soggy and Sore Moleskin:

Rolling in to the parking lot hot I find Col. Mustard pumping AC/DC out of the mini van……great mood setter for the day.

You know it’s bad when YHC is the only one that gave the first BS call, however hand release merkins made everyone except the team of SS Minnow and Clueless to call a BS and an audible.

Mortimer quit talking to me today like I quit talking to him on the 14 mile run yesterday……Today was a horrible idea that could have been executed better probably.  Legs were toast before we started this deal.

Winnebago was shot out of a cannon at the beginning I think I ruined what little legs I had trying to keep up with him.

Almost had Venison for breakfast.  3 deer wandered out of the woods to inspect the “varsity” workout, they smartly wondered back into the woods.  I would have too if my orange shirt couldn’t be spotted from the space station

So Chowder goat ropes me into this Q and then pulls the hey man I gotta “pull out” early.  What the heck man……… after the lunges I wanted to join you

Sound off below if I missed anything


GoRuck F3 Challenge 10/9 launches in uptown.

Something about BYOM (bring your own microphone) wednesday night, look for the preblast

Thanks for the opportunity to lead you men this morning.  This is one of the tougher workouts that is around and it’s a great way to kick the week in the throat to get things rolling.  Thanks to Clueless for the EH and thanks for the encouragement of the PAX to continue to come out.  Tell everyone about this thing men because you never know who is praying for this beautiful thing that is F3.  My family and I did for 2 years and the last year of my life has been full of joy and growth as a spirtual leader for my family, a husband, a father, and part of my community and I thank all of you for helping me be better at all of those.


9 thoughts on “Dora makes an appearance at the “Varsity” workout

  1. Colonel Mustard

    @Primetime – I think you made everyone take the #DRP this morning even if we didn’t want it. No stairs or ramps ran at @ElDorado, I think that was a first for me but great change of pace.

    @Minnow – 60 years old and still running strong. Damn you! You make us young men look like punks when we are complaining. Great to have you around to put us in our place brother.

    @TheNanny – I can’t recall the last time I partnered with you as most of the time it involves partner carry and that would be just awkward with me dragging your feet. We made it through and the prize at the end was watching @Chavez complete his #PicklePounders…. Boy what a sight.

    1. SSMinnow

      @Col … some days that are better than others … plus, @Clueless was a real strong partner I was trying to keep up with … don’t sell yourself short … you had me in April when the Hammer was on the line!

  2. Winnebago

    Today was way different from the usual, and I liked it. The deck is great but being out in open air was a great change. That got me good. I actually got ready for work and once I got to work I napped in my car for an hour. No matter what you considered doing I don’t know that it could have been much worse. The hand release merkins were turrible. Glad you took the Q PT.

    1. PrimeTime Post author

      Thanks Men. I had contimplated doing squat jacks instead of the lunges but when I attempted this morning I said no way due to having Lt. Dan syndrome. Agreed i thought the HR merkins were going to be bad but after the 2nd set I thought that hey maybe an audible here isn’t a bad idea however I wasn’t going to call it until Mortimer told me we were audibling. I had GRH flashbacks and didn’t want to piss the T1000 off any further than I had already…..had me frightened.

      @Col. Yeah I enjoy the deck and stairs but my legs took a beating yesterday and didn’t want to hammer them on the stairs all morning. Plus wanted to get some hill work in and that hill wasn’t huge but was just enough of a suck to make it worth it. Completely agree with the sentiments on SS Minnow I don’t believe I heard him complain once and didn’t seem short of breath either, I want to be like him when I get to that age.

      1. Colonel Mustard

        Squat Jacks would of resulted in a “real” punch in the throat. Trust me on this…

        1. PrimeTime Post author

          that’s why we didn’t do them. I attempted at mi casa in the morning and my legs were like yeah i dare you to try that…….hence the audible to lunges.

          I started to get concerned with everyone and the HR merkins. I thought I was going to be physically harmed.

  3. Clueless

    Solid lead @PrimeTime! Awesome morning to push some hills… and feel each hill climb get a little tougher after senseless rep counts. Crazy, but I was really looking forward to this one. Enjoyed it!

    I’ll graciously be @SSMinnow’s partner any day… great dude and a great inspiration!

    @Frodo + @Mortimer = #TooMuchSpeed. Solid work fellas!

  4. The Nanny

    @Primetime Today was just what the Dr ordered. After the Sunday long run and the off the books doubledown, I was on the fence coming to El D to begin with. Turned out it was a perfect mix of running and bootcamp. While 300 HR Mericans is an awful thing to inflict on anyone, the rest of it was a great challenge. For the record, those of us that ran directly back to the start finished that last set of 100 HR Mericans.

    @Clueless You were booking out there. That’s why I asked if you were doing the BRR. Impressed by the running clinic you put on.

    @Winnebago You were killing it again as usual. You handed Primetime a lead on the run each round and I had to go harder than I wanted to take those keys away from him. He eventually threatened me with bodily harm if I passed him again…

    @Minnow I echo all the comments above. You are THE role model in my opinion for where I (or anyone) should want to aspire to when they hit #DoubleRespect. On top of that, you are a halfway decent guy too.

    @Chavez Was such a treat to have you able to hang out for a few minutes after the workout rather than sprint home to get to work by 7AM. Hope the ShowerPill masked your stink….

    @Mustard Glad the not so little guy is home now. Both for your family’s sake and for that fact that we have missed seeing you as much as we used to. If you need someone to rock that baby and it conflicts with our workout schedule, just have Bunny tag in. He won’t be coming to the workout….

    1. Colonel Mustard

      @Nanny – that last comment has me LMAO at work. Thanks! Tomorrow marks 3 yr’s for @Bunny also as @Shazam EH’ed both of us but…..not sure how to count @Bunny’s attendance.

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