Sharks and 2.0’s!

93, yes that’s correct, 93 of MECA’s F3 faithful (including 2.0’s) came out to Mallard Creek Park on this beautiful morning for a 2.0 friendly beatdown that went a little something like this:

Warm Up (Dingo):
Windmill X10 IC
Imperial Storm Troopers X10IC

(Dingo) Remain in very large COP. Dads turn around and plank while 2.0’s run around COP. When your 2.0 or 2.0’s pass you, dad does 5 merkins. Continued for a while until Q said stop.

(Dingo) Run to Hill at end of field. Dads carry 2.0’s up hill and back down. Both dads and 2.0’s do 3 burpees at bottom of hill. Repeato X3.

(Buckwheat) The Chase – Dads & 2.0s line up on line at end of soccer field. On first “go,” 2.0s take off running toward the other end of the field. On second “go,” dads chase down 2.0 and give them a bear hug if caught. YHC called the second go a little late here, which made it tough to catch some of the faster 2.0’s. Good sprinting 2.0’s!

Repeato above back to other end of the field.

The Chase #2 Dads and 2.0’s on the line. On first “go,” dads take off bear crawling. On second “go,” 2.0s have to chase down and tackle dads.

(Dingo) Animal Races the width of soccer field with animals chosen and demonstrated by 2.0’s.
1) Cheetah
2) Penguin
3) Horse kicks
4) Chicken w/ sound effects
5) Turtle
6) Scared chicken (interesting one)!

5 min. water/Gatorade break.

(Buckwheat) Reverse Sharks & Minnows – All 2.0s as sharks running after the minnows (dads). When a dad gets tagged, they stop and plank until all minnows get gobbled up. This took a while thanks to @Prison Fruit and @Icicle who managed to elude all 2.0’s for what seemed like 10 minutes. Dads threw in some merkins and LBC’s while waiting because that was a LONG plank!

Repeato with dads as sharks and 2.0s as minnows.

(Buckwheat) Hot Potato
2.0’s form an inner circle standing and dads form outer circle. 2.0s pass the ball around until Q calls stop. Dad of 2.0 left with the “hot potato” does 5 burpees. There turned out to be a lot of Q’s here, cause the ball stopped alot so most dads could get some burpee love. At the end, we all did 10 burpees to ensure that everyone got a taste!

Merkin Monster Tag – all 1st – 5th grade 2.0s are the Merkin Monsters. Anyone tagged has to stop and do 10 merkins.

Giant Tunnel of Love with dads planking and all 2.0’s crawling underneath.

No time for MARY


Water/Gatorade w/ ices and popsicles for the 2.0’s.


Truly enjoyed leading this morning. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Hope everyone had a fun time!

8 thoughts on “Sharks and 2.0’s!

  1. Man Down

    My 2.0s – Catastrophe, Ow!, and Pickle – had a great time today! Thanks Buckwheat and Dingo for the work you put into this!

  2. Helga

    Seismic Toad – my 2.0 – got into the car and said, “when can we do this again, Dad? Next Saturday?!?” What a great workout – much thanks to @Buckwheat and @Dingo for organizing everything! A perfect way to start a Saturday morning.

  3. Dingo

    Good stuff @buckwheat! q’ing 93 pax is no easy feat! You took it in your stride brother!

    Thanks to all the guys for coming out! Your 2.0’s will remember this time they got to play with their dad for a looong time! Great job being dads.

  4. Gazebo

    Awesome job Dingo and Buckwheat. My 2.0 “Early” and me had a great time this morning, he enjoyed seeing all the kids smiling and having fun!! And I agree @dingo, great job being Dads!!!

  5. Buckwheat Post author

    Thanks, guys. Glad to here the 2.0’s enjoyed it! @Dingo- Thanks for the collaboration on this. Couldn’t have pulled it off without your assistance! Agreed that the 2.0’s will remember these moments for a long time. Vulture still talks about his first F3 Dads beatdown last year like it was yesterday!

  6. Gordo

    @dingo and @buckwheat, thank you for the effort and lead to put together another edition of F3 dads.

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