Who’s the Q? You!

7 Skywalkers including 1 FNG made a great decision to end the week in style and laced them up for beatdown under a full moon.


Mosey down the hill to the basketball court.

SSH x 21

Imperial Squat Walker x 15

Windmill x 15

Merkins x 10

The Thang:

Line up at baseline.

Suicide the court and 20 Merkins with 30 air squats


Mosey to far hill by rock pile

8 to 1 ladder with incline merkins at the top and WW2 situps at the bottom. Quadraphila up the hill.

Mosey to soccerfield

Line up on one end and GBS (Google bun shapers) half the field. 10 Burpees. Groucho walk the other half. Run 1 lap around the entire field.

Plankarama with 10 second holds in normal. Left arm up. Left leg up. Normal plank. Flap jack.

Repeato x 3

Mosey back up the hill for Mary.

Low Flutter x 25.


So who forgets that they signed up for  their virgin Q at a new AO.. This Guy!  Good thing I actually showed! I was a little surprised to see the PAX still in a huddle near the shovel flags when I pulled in a minute late. So I mosey over… “Hey, what’s up fellas?”. After an awkward pause.. “Who has the Q?”… PAX… ” YOU?”… “OH… Ok! Lets go!”

Sorry fellas… I honestly thought I was signed up for next week. My bad. I still think I somehow was able to pull together a solid beatdown on the fly. Hopefully you got your money’s worth.

It was great to get a chance to lead @ this new AO. There are boundless opportunities to get some work in down at that park. That hill back to the parking lot is no joke after the workout.

Welcome to former FNG Tim.. now known as Elmer Fud!

Make it a great day men!


Important Announcements

The Shield

  • The next installment of The Shield is next Wednesday, August 5th, from 8-10PM. Grinder will be hosting: 548 Fairwoods Drive, Huntersville (Skybrook subdivision). Frodo will be sharing his testimony.

Shirts: Pre-Order for a Limited Time

  • Rolling Stone shirt pre-order is open now through August 7th. Check it out here.
  • The Bear shirt order is open again through this Saturday, August 1st. Check it out here.

F3 Dads

  •  The next F3 Dads is coming up on Saturday, August 1st 7AM @ Mallard Creek Park.

Tradition Thunder Rd. Training

  •  Tradition is conducting an 8 mile Thunder Road training run this Saturday at 5:30 AM.