Dude, what’s that smell??

6 pax formed up in gloom at the IBC, fist pounded, but one said, “Is that smell you or your glove?” And another said, “Where’s the music?” Then we learned that 0.0 can still travel, but Olympic speed-walking rules apply; one foot on the ground at all times.

(stack your bells and mosey up to the B-ball court for a short one)

Alternating Swings x 20 (10 each arm) OYO
(YHC said short one)

(everyone stack their bells, carry em high, YHC is leading the pax on a Tour de Camps. All moseys are stacked per the arm called out by YHC)

  1. mosey to the wall at the back of the gym building, pile all the bells in front of the back door
  2. People’s Chair, close together
  3. pass the pile down the line and back again twice
  4. mosey to the other parking lot
  5. partner up with alike bell, P1 does travelling RX while P2 does stationary RX, then flapjack
    • First round – Double bell swings & Bear Crawl for 6 parking spaces
    • Second round – Double bell lunges for 6 parking spaces & banana boats till partner returns
    • Third round – Crab walk for 6 parking spaces & double bell high pulls
  6. mosey to shorter parking section
  7. partner with alike bell, again similar to #5
    • First round – Double bell clean & squat & bear crawl
    • Second round – <<YHC can’t remember, pax chime in>>
  8. mosey to blue hair door step delivery station
  9. all pax, single bell right leg only lunges around the curve, switching carry side per YHC call.
  10. repeato #9 back around curve, this time left leg only, switch carry per YHC.
  11. everyone switch bells, with the pax on the left.
  12. mosey down driveway
  13. YHC thinks the smallish paxmob is moving too slow, penalizes everyone with RH on bell merkins x10 OYO
  14. mosey to sidewalk
  15. butt-kickers
  16. high-knees
  17. partner up with alike bell (yeah new partners)
    • P1 – called double bell exercise
    • P2 – bear crawl / crab walk around curve & back
    • flapjack
  18. mosey to other driveway
  19. again YHC throws down another pain station for the slow pax mob
  20. mosey up driveway to handicapped parking, grab the bell you came with
  21. circle up for single bell snatches x 20 (10 each arm) OYO
  22. mosey to stairs
  23. partner up based on bells again
    • P1 climbs and descends stairs twice
    • P2 hold plank @ 6 inches
    • flapjack
  24. mosey to the gym side wall, time for the dessert
  25. leave the bells on the sidewalk, everyone goes inverted for Balls-to-the-wall pushups x 3
  26. And the cherry on top is . . .
  27. pile all the bells again, plank up and pass the pile back and forth once.



YHC really enjoyed changing the pace up for these metal heads. Sorry for the late blast but work life is busy.

Thanks for letting YHC lead again

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