Where’s My Buddy??



  • 20 SSH (IC)
  • TP Hamstring Stretch
  • 20 Hillbillies (IC)
  • Downward Dawg Calf Stetch
  • 20 Mountain Climbers (IC)


  • Mosey to parking Lot above Hill 216 (?)(The big grass hill)
  • PAX in a single file plank line
  • Back of line bear crawls to the front with continual motion from the whole group
  • Started at one natural area (Skinner said they were medians but they aren’t in the middle of anything so I’m not sure) and crawled from there around second natural area back to the start.  (Guessing around 50 yards)


  • Mosey to bottom of hill 216
  • Partner up and first runs to top of hill and does 5 burpees and returns to the bottom.
  • Second is doing Merkins until his “buddy” returns and then switch
  • First repeats trip to top of hill with Burpees while second does LBCs until the return and then they switch.

Repeato all in all PAX completed 7 – 9 trips up hill 216

Mosey to Mary



Parking Lot stretches:

  • High skips
  • High Kicks
  • Karaoke
  • Butt kickers
  • High Knees 


  • SSH 20x
  • Air Squats 10X
  • Merkins 10X


Jacob’s Ladder on Corner hill

  • Quadrofilia up
  • 12 burpies (decrease by 2’s)
  • bearcrawl down
  • 2 LBCs (increase by 2’s)


Jacob’s Ladder on Back hill

  • Crabwalk up
  • 12 SSH (decrease by 2’s)
  • Crabwalk down
  • 2 Merkins (increase by 2’s)

Jacob’s Ladder in picnic shelter

  • 10 Air squats (decrease by 2’s)
  • Thread the picnic bench #1,
  • Lunge walk across shelter
  • Thread the picnic bench #2,
  • 2 B2W’s (increase by 2’s)
  • Thread the picnic bench #2,
  • Lunge walk across shelter
  • Thread the picnic bench #1



MARY (1.0 & 2.0):

  • Brazilians (You know I have to do those) 20 IC
  • Homer to Marge
  • One foot warrior pose
  • 10 Merkins (just because we needed a few more push ups)
  • Upward Dawg


Unlike Tuesday and Wednesday I didn’t hear much chatter.  Prior to start I did hear some talk about sore Quads and Hammies.  Initially PAX complained about Indian bear crawl line being to long but the length of the bear crawl with the plank wait was fun for all.  First time I had used the grassy hill in one of my Qs and I liked it.  I especially enjoyed the push I gave myself knowing my buddy was at the bottom doing Merkins or LBCs waiting on me.  It made me push myself not to rest. Kudos to Running Eagle that young man flies down the grassy hill.  I guess his knees don’t hurt yet.  Shout out to Liger and his ankle.  The grassy hill’s hidden hole trap grabbed him on our last trip down the mountain.  I hope your ankle is okay.  Indy was checking on him so I knew he was in good hands.  By the way BackDraft (who didn’t show), I was not beside Liger when he fell.  Just sayin.

Thanks for the chance to Q and to sweat with you gentlemen.