That Hill Got Bigger!!

10 men embraced the gloom to take on a hill whose legend keeps growing!

The Thang;

Mosey to the field for;

  1. 15 x SSH
  2. 15 x IST
  3. 15 x Windmills

Mosey to the top of Avon Farm Lane

  1. Run to the bottom
  2. 10 burpees
  3. Run to the Top
  4. 10 Burpees
  5. Run to the bottom
  6. 10 Burpees
  7. Run up 2 mailboxes
  8. Bear crawl to the next mail box, and so on until you get to the top

Mosey to Tennis courts

1-10 ladder – LBC & Reverse Crunch

1-10 ladder – Diamond Merkins and Pretzel crunch(both sides)

Mosey back to parking lot

Reverse Indian Run around large island.  Fortunately YHC went first and realized that island is a lot bigger than i thought!  After a couple of audibles, we settled on the smaller island right next to the big one.

Mary – No time for Mary

The arrest-able moleskin;

  1. I always enjoy coming to the Precinct!  You guys are a group of no nonsense, hard working men, who give your all at every workout!
  2. It appears Man Down is falling apart in his old age!  Seems that every part of his body is not working properly……..yet he still crushed us on the hill work!
  3. Hard to pick out top performers because you are all so strong!  No quit out there this morning!
  4. Avon Farm Ln has quickly become my most hated place at the Precinct!  Therefore, you should expect to go there when I Q 😉 We will conquer that beast!!

5 thoughts on “That Hill Got Bigger!!

  1. Brian Moyer

    Dingo, sorry I missed your Q, on my way to Tampa early this morning and didn’t see anyone, figured you guys were taking on the “farm”.

  2. Trail Mix

    Thanks @Dingo, everything about that was horrible. 10 LBC’s have never hurt so bad. Impressive cadence counting on the ladders, that was a lot to keep straight.

  3. Man Down

    I agree with Trail Mix’s comment after we walked out of those Prison Yard ladders…”I felt like we were in there for days!” Brutal!

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