Mucho Chesto w/ Special Effects

14 Lakers and Traditioners arose from the fartsack, most of us after attending MECA HDHH last night. @King Julian and I co-Q’d today’s festivities and hopefully didn’t disappoint the Pax who were excited and raring to go with mumble chatter. This was @King Julian’s VQ. He came prepared with a book bag, Weinke, and what YHC thought was a bull horn or loud speaker that actually turned out to be a top secret fart machine commandeered from his son’s bedroom. I believe the purpose of this device was to give love to all those who decided to fartsack today instead of coming out.?.?.?

King Julian lead us through warm ups and more warm ups and more warm ups…

-15 SSH (IC)
-11ish Imperial Storm Troopers (IC)
-12ish Cotton Pickers (IC)
-5 Burpees OYO
-Happy Jacks: 5 SSH IC followed by 2 jump squats. Rinse and Repeat X4 (Thanks Happy T)
-10 Bulgarian Ball Busters (each leg) OYO: Reverse lunge ending with a sharp knee-up. Should be accompanied by a karate sound for maximum effect. (From Mac in Lexington). We tried the karate sounds, but the only one that sounded cool was @GAM. Thus, we scrapped that idea and threw in a few fart sounds instead!
Mumble chatter ensued about the length of the warmup. YHC protected his co-Q by putting @Coyote in check by barking “You’ll do it and you’ll like it, Sir!” I sensed a little jealousy from @Coyote as he mentioned he didn’t feel that supported during his VQ.
-5 Burpees OYO
-10 Copperhead Squat IC (Down for three count, up on four- Thanks Carrier in CLT Metro.)
-10 Lunges (each leg) OYO
-Plan was to do partner step ups on the curb while other partner planks for one minute, then flapjack and repeato three times each partner. YHC suggested a move to the playground to take advantage of the benches and picnic tables. We did so and the Pax wasn’t happy.

The Thang:

YHC took over and introduced the DL to the main event, MUCHO CHESTO:
Merkins X10 (5 IC)
Diamond Merkins X10 (5 IC)
Wide Grip Merkins X10 (5 IC)
Stagger Merkin Left X10 (5 IC)
Stagger Merkin Right X10 (5IC)
REPEATO all of the above (Crowd Pleaser)

Mosey toward Capital Hill. Stop at corner and plank till six arrives. Continue mosey to rails.

10 Dips IC
10 Incline Merkins IC

Since @Coyote admitted to lusting after YHC without his shirt on yesterday following a beatdown, I decided to show him and the rest of the Pax a little love by doing the Tunnel of Love.

From Top of Capital Hill: 10, make that 20 Air Squats, run to bottom of hill for 5 burpees, run to top of hill and do 20 LBC’s. Run down hill for 5 more burpees, quadraphelia back up hill and do 20 air squats. Recover.

One line Double Indian Run (courtesy of @Gentile Grizzly) back to parking lot. The Pax were all sorts of confused on this despite clear and concise instructions from YHC. Nonetheless, we made it back in one piece. @Coyote and @Piston didn’t get to sprint because of all the confusion at the beginning. We made that up for them later. The fart machine was in full effect during the Double Indian Run.

10 Dutch LBC w/ Legs Extended Specials (IC)
Low Flutter X10 IC, hold straight into Low Dolly X10 IC
@Gazebo ripped one during the above medley that made YHC think the fart machine was malfunctioning and making noise on it’s own.
15 second airborne mindbender


Following MARY, we did a short Double Indian Run where @Coyote and @Piston got to sprint.

Fart Smelling Moleskin:

1) Great job on your VQ @King Julian. You’re ready to lead!
2) Thanks for letting me visit today. Always enjoy hanging out with you Lakers.
3) Great work by all. The mumble chatter was fun today!
4) Need to get to work, so need to cut this short.
5) F3 Dads 0700 @ MCP on Saturday. Bring 2.0’s and join us for some fun!
6) Tradition Pool Party Sat. 11-3. BYOB and BYO Meat plus $1 pool entry fee.

9 thoughts on “Mucho Chesto w/ Special Effects

  1. Buckwheat Post author

    Sound off below. I forgot to mention in the back blast that @GAM’s sprints during the double Indian run or quite impressive. Way to get after it man!

    1. GAM

      Thanks @Buckwheat. Turbo speed was activated, Currently its a once per day use, but You guys are helping build that reserve tank.

      Glad I made it down to put in work with the Lakers I will continue to visit. The mumble-chatter was in full effect today. So I don’t know how @Farm ever questioned you guys.

      1. The Farm

        Now wait just a min! Don’t believe him Pax! I just said it would be nice to have some proven mumblechatter-ers just in case. It worked out so there weren’t many quiet moments…just how I like it!

  2. Coyote

    All I know is that I saw some STRONG defense from @Buckwheat on behalf of @KingJulien! The normal mumblechatter that comes with a virgin Q was met with resistance from @Buckwheat!

    The fart machine was still…strange to say the least…

  3. Buckwheat Post author

    @Coyote- Agreed on fart machine. A good co-Q has his partner’s back! You should’ve asked me to co-Q with you on your VQ, I would’ve defended you too….

  4. Chicken Strip

    Great job @King Julien and @Buckwheat! King Julien really had that cadence counting down, don’t be afraid to have some confidence and order the Pax around – don’t show weakness and don’t let us push you around.

    @Buckwheat thanks for taking us to Capital Hill although I’m not sure my legs are saying the same thing after quadraphelia.

    I’ll have to incorporate Mucho Chesto into future workouts, Bulgarian Ball Busters maybe not…

  5. The Farm

    Great job King Julien! I agree with @Chicken Strip. It is your job to focus on the workout and our jobs to try to get you off your game. You did great! I look forward to your future Qs.

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