3 Year Anniversary Bootcamp Q

Back in early July I snagged Q spots on Wed, Thurs, and Fri (actual anniversary date) so I could celebrate 3 years of F3 by giving back to this group that has given so much to me – with 3 different workout leads; slow run, bootcamp, and fast run.  Two down and one to go….

19 pax posted for the normal Thursday bootcamp.  Some showed up b/c that is just what you do on Thursdays, others posted b/c they heard Nanny was throwing down an anniversary beatdown, and a few posted b/c they heard we were doing some American Ninja Warrior (ANW) themed elements.

The Thang:

  1. Warmup
    1. SSH x 15 IC
    2. Merican x 15 IC
    3. Air Squat x 15 IC
  2. Partner Bike Rack Work
    1. *Q made sure to let each guy know to make unblinking eye contact during each set.
    2. Dips x 20
    3. Mericans x 20
  3. American Ninja Warrior (ANW) Element 1
    1. The Canyon Crossing.  Disclaimer re-emphasized.  Attempting and getting 5 feet through it resulted in only a 5 burpee penalty.  Passing on it entirely (smart choice) resulted in 15 burpee penalty for being smart.  Completing it resulted in accolades, adoration, and glory forever.
    2. What is it?  Location is under the big awning that covers the walkway to the front door of the HCES.  Get a boost and jump up and grab the steel girder that spans the walkway.  Navigate the upward curved (and eventually downward curved) girder all 20 feet to the other side.
  4. American Ninja Warrior Element 2
    1. Mosie to the tall wall near dumpsters by middle school.  10:2 ladder by 2’s.  Super Wallups on wall and CDD’s at top of hill.
    2. What is it?  Super Wallup is where you jump up and grab top of wall, then pull yourself up so that your arms are extended and you are pushed up above the wall.
    3. * Audible to just do 2 of these during each leg (if you can….).  Alternate exercise was 20 jump ups to touch top of wall per round of ladder.
  5. Head to HCES playground near guardrail for a 5:1 merican/pull-up ladder.
  6. Reintroduction of a Nanny original – the King Me Burpee.
    1. What is it?  Partner 1 drops to bottom of burpee pushup while Partner 2 jumps over legs and immediately goes into bottom of pushup in their burpee.  P1 then jumps over P2, etc….  Kind of a two man Cacka-lacka-choo-choo / burpee mashup…
    2. Did these down the drive way to Shelly Ave….or is it Street St….?
  7. Guardrail work
    1. Decline merican x 10 IC
    2. Calvie raises x 20 IC
    3. Incline merican x 10 IC
    4. Decline Peter Parker x 10 IC
    5. Dips x 10 IC
    6. Decline Parker Peter x 10 IC
    7. Decline merican x 10 IC
    8. Calvie raises x 20 IC
    9. Incline merican x 10 IC
  8. Head to dual set of steps leading from lower HCES parking lot to top and bust out a favorite; The Reverse Spiderman Merican up both sets of steps.  LBC’s while you wait.
  9. Mary
    1. Goal was to give guys who have never Q’ed practice calling cadence.
    2. Murdock: Circle Merk x 3
    3. Clean up: Box Cutter x 15
    4. FlexSeal: Windshield Wipers x 10

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. REALLY glad no one got hurt during the Canyon Crossing.  Google scared me a bit when he attempted it at the girder halfway down the walk.  That one is a lot taller than the one by the doors.  The drop to the floor if not successful can hurt…  The list of folks who have completed the Canyon Crossing is short…Pavarotti, Wonderboy…and today we added Grinder, FNG Parker, and FlexSeal.  If anyone else has successfully completed this (or did today) sound off!
  2. The Super Wallup is a lot harder than I remember when I came up with it last year.  I saw FNG Roger do it….anyone else?
  3. 3 years of F3 warrants a little reflection.  Prior to F3 I was the classic guy on the island.  Lonely, solo, and outside of a few male friendships – friendless.  I’d get up, work out by myself, work all day, come home, and then rinse and repeat.  A pretty flat existence.  F3 has brought an incredible amount of texture to that flat life.  Mornings are no longer an unfortunate interruption to sleep but a daily event that is highly anticipated and heralded by multiple alarms set to previously unthinkable hours.  With my fitness and relational tanks topped off, I go into my day (at home & at work) leaning forward, not on my heels reacting to it like I used to.  Each room I walk into I walk with more confidence than I used to, knowing that I am fit, friended, and have a band of brothers ready to back me up if ever I need it.  That barely scratches the surface of this iron sharpening that happens inside F3.  The countless times “my way” of doing things (faith, family, work, etc….) has been challenged by the example of the many men of honor, virtue, and self sacrifice that I have had the honor of being friended by has had and continues to have a significant cumulative effect on how I live.  Am I a better man today than I was 3 years ago?  Yep.  Do I thank God for this tool of F3 that he has used to sharpen me?  Oh yea.  Set that alarm boys, the gloom is calling.


8 thoughts on “3 Year Anniversary Bootcamp Q

  1. Dropcloth

    Nice Beatdown @TheNanny.

    However in ALL the episodes of ANW I have seen, the penalty when you fall is water and most of the jumps have pads on them. Your course this morning included a concrete fall and a jagged stone wall to muscle up – #verypainfulendings.

    Must say the merican fest you were on today was a real chest and tricep killer. I was to the point of muscle fatigue after many of those sets. And just like The Nanny to make the workout stations feel about 1 mile apart – always wanting to run that distance.

    Congrats again on the 3 year anniversary with a shout out to Pony Boy, Chowder and Snare who all have the same anniversary date! F3 wouldn’t be the same without you guys and it has been my pleasure getting to know you and all the guys who post over the years.

  2. The Nanny Post author

    I had a blast putting this beatdown together and breaking it over your backs today gentleman. Thanks for posting.

  3. Google

    @Nanny. Congrats to you and the other brothers that share your anniversary! That beatdown was a humbling experience. I thought I had the canyon crossing completed..I was halfway through and then heard someone say don’t look down… Well ya.. I looked down and realized I was really High!..did I mention I am terrified of heights. So along with fear and then my fingers finding a large spider(which was a random key?) I freaked out and dropped. ughh. Now that I know you are keeping track of who finishes the canyon, I cannot wait to attempt again. That alone is a testament to what F3 can do. No way I try to attempt that on my own.

    Also, complete muscle failure during your merkin fest. Well done.

  4. FlexSeal

    Who couldn’t squeeze a grape if he tried? This guy! Canyon Crossing + Super Wallups (only 2)= Total Forearm Annihilation!! Humbling beatdown. Thanks for allowing me to partake.

  5. Grinder

    @Nanny, I want to echo everyone else and say congrants to you and the others on the anniversary. Also, thank you guys for helping to build F3 in our region to what it is today. I know I’m better because of it.

    Loved the ANW theme. A little bit of fun mixed in with a whole lot of pain. You see it on TV and it looks so easy. Today made me want to try more things like that. Definitely looking forward to more canyon crossings.

  6. Pavarotti

    Great BB and reflection. Glad you (and Pony Boy, Snare and Chowder) made the leap. Sorry to miss ANW, but look forward to the speedy beat down on Friday.

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