Where’s Nanny?

22 of Highlands finest made the best decision they will make today and laced them up to sharpen some iron in the Gloom.


Mosey to Golf Course Parking Lot.

Circle up:

20 x SSH

15 x Imperial Squat Walker

15 x Windmill


The Thang.

Line up at first planter.

Planter 1 – GBS (Google Bun Shaper)

10 x Merkin

Planter 2 -Side plank

10 x Carolina Dry Dock

Planter 3 – Side Plank (flapjack)

10 x Merkin

Planter 4 – Groucho Walk

10 X Burpee

Run lap

Repeato x 3.

Plank and Reverse sit ups. Cadence provided by @Thorn.

Mosey to Skyline.

Line up at bottom

At your own pace. Run up to cul de sac. at the top. Then 20 x WW2 sit up.  Run down then 20 x Merkins. Run backward up hill and repeat until @ Chowder repeats x4.

Mosey back to school parking lot.


Low flutter x 26

Pretzel Crunch x 15.


Always a pleasure to lead the men of Highlands. Lots of questions about @Nanny whereabouts since this is his 3rd year anniversary week? The chatter was he was just late and on @nannytime however when @wildturkey was able to locate the PAX at the golf course it was decided he chose to @fartsack?

Thanks to @Bling and @Chowder for the lesson on the correct lingo to start an exercise. Starting position move. In Cadence. Exercise.  Got it. #leadbyexample

Welcome to FNG “Rick Wood”.. Mad Respect(63)!  Definitely held your own out there today!\

Make it a great day Men!


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3 thoughts on “Where’s Nanny?

  1. The Nanny

    Oh man….when you see your name on the BB title you know you are not going to sneak out of this one… Yep. I told Chowder I would see him in the AM and then promptly slept through my alarm. Woke up at 5:58, cursed this change back to EST after 11 days on MST, and slept till 7.

    Nanny’s Anniversary Extravaganza starts tomorrow with a Cruise that will be slow, flat, and easy. Followed by a Thursday beatdown that won’t involve any Ninja Warrior elements (absolutely will need the disclaimer for these), followed by a Friday Speed co-Q with some fellow anniversary members of the class of 7/31/2013 for another slow and flat run. Join me….assuming I wake up and make it…..

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