Ladder’s O Pain

8 committed men met in the gloom this morning for a ladder style beat down, except for a few cadence / counting issues for the Q, the morning brought a nice array of exhaustion for everyone.

20 SSH


20 Cotton Picker

Mosey to the field

Ladder 1 20 – 2 Lunges, Sprint to 1 – 10 Burpee’s, backward run back to Lunges

Ladder 2 Move to the prison yard, 10 – 1 cinder block curls, run to the gun range for 1 – 10 pull ups, and run back to he prison yard.

Ladder 3 In the prison yard, suicide style, 20 – 2 WWII Sit Ups Sprint tot he other side of the courts for 2 – 20 low flutters.

Announcement – Man Down – HEC Round 2 started Monday, it’s not to late to join, eat healthy, create new lifestyle changing eating habits with others after the same goal.  Hot Wheels is doing it as a family, total family group weigh in.

Hot Wheels – Sun N Ski, Flash Mod 5K first event is next Thursday 08/06, go to their fan Facebook page and ‘Like” it ( ) for updates on each event.  4 are planned on Thursday nights at 6:30, you will get a notification 3 days before each event with location details.  These are 100% Free and will be timed.




3 thoughts on “Ladder’s O Pain

  1. Bloodsport

    Good beat down today I was sore from the murph… Now I’m sore in the rest of the spots that were not already.

    Signed up on Facebook for the 4k flash mobs maybe a good f3 showing!

  2. Man Down

    Great Q @HotWheels (minus the cadence fail, that is 🙂 You have come up with some creative workouts for us. Keep ’em coming brother!!!

  3. Brian Moyer Post author

    Thanks Ya’ll yeah the Flash Mod 5K, let’s show up in numbers. F3 takeover.

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