I did my job…

YHC had the pleasure of the Q for 25 men this morning for Tradition’s Bootcamp. The first words I heard were from @Soundwave, “Are you going to take it easy on us today after the Murph yesterday?” My response – “Nope, my job as the Q is the make this suck.” That’s what I aimed to do, so let me know what you think:

Short Mosey
SSH x 15 IC
Cotton Picker x 12 IC
IST x 12 IC
Mountain Climbers x 12 IC

2 Lines – Double Indian Run x 10 mins or so (each man sprinted 3 times)
– Man in the back sprints to front of line, sprint to back, sprint back to front. (2 sprints to the front – Double Indian Run)

Mosey to white fence in front of golf course entrance
Derkins x 8-6-4-6-8 IC
8 bottom rail – 6 middle rail- 4 top rail – 6 middle rail – 8 bottom rail

Mosey to Haunted Daycare
Groups of 3
1 man does WWII sit ups, 1 man runs to bottom of hill, 1 man does Burpees
The man running switches with the Burpee or WWII man, alternating sides of the parking lot
Did this til YHC ran down and up the hill 8 times
(Somewhere in here, I received a BS from @Trail Mix. Thanks, refer to the title!)

Mosey to Mansion Wall
Peoples Chair and Air Press – 1 min
Ball to the Wall – AYG – Nice job @Trail Mix – had to be a good solid 2 mins

Mosey back for Mary
Partner leg throw downs x 10 IC (middle, left, right = 1)
LBC’s x 15
Airborne Mind Bender

Sweaty Moleskin:
1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead you guys this morning, and you’re welcome!
2. Next time we’ll pick up the pace on the Indian Run, since @Landlord was speed walking like a FIA Pax.
3. Tradition/MECA on Tap tomorrow night 7/29/15 – Carolina Ale House – $3 Pints – 7 pm
4. F3 Dad’s – Saturday 8/1/15 at Mallard Creek Park (come watch @Ghetto D carry Coyote and Gangstas Paradise up a hill)
5. Tradition/Precinct Pool Party – Saturday 8/1/15 – Winchester Pool – 11am until… – BYOB, BYOM, $1 to get into the pool

Thanks again men! Be disciplined not only in your body but more in Godliness! “Rather train yourself for godliness: for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.” 1 Timothy 4:7b-8

14 thoughts on “I did my job…

  1. Gangsta's Paradise

    @GentleGrizzly – you definitely did your job! That Indian Run sucked for sure, and the partner workout was tough too. Definitely a great beatdown!

    @Magma, @Trail Mix – good partnering with you this morning!

  2. RibShack

    Good Q, @GentleGrizzly. Those double Indians were new to me but definitely upped the ante on a simple routine.

    @Extra Point- good to work with you this morning. You are fast on the sprints brother!

    @Helga- good to see a fellow Ridge Runner! Good to work with you on the daycare circuit too!

  3. BlindDate

    Nice beat down @Griz. The air presses while doing people’s chair always suck, especially with the air being extra humid. Who knew air could be so heavy?

    @Spreadsheet / @Gazebo — thanks for teaming up at the haunted daycare. Way to push.

  4. Maximus_MECA

    @gentlegrizzly – you are getting good at the workouts. We did a lot. Good use of all many sites. Double Indian Run was new – but felt good.

    Thanks to @buckwheat for taking the time to get many BMI – Body fat scores. Process gives me incentive to move mine down.

    Good to workout today. Enjoyed it!

  5. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice job this morning @Grizzly. It definitely sucked, especially the people’s chair with air presses. Gets me every time.

    Thanks for partnering up at the haunted daycare @buckwheat and @pongo. Way to show some dedication @pongo.

    Thanks for partnering up during Mary @Grizzly.

    One last thing, I agree with @Grizzly, @Landlord was definitely speed walking like a FIA Pax. It was hilarious to watch.

    1. Trail Mix

      Yeah, I saw Pongo pushing it up that hill a couple of times!

      And @Landlord mall walking to the front of the line was indeed one of the highlights of the morning. That, and when I came down from BTTW, I think it was @GAM saying, “Congratulations, you’ve just won a lifetime supply of inverted testicles…..”

      Nice Q Grizz, good variety. You can tell you’re becoming a runner…

  6. GAM

    Great Q @Grizz

    Best update of the day Gents Just left the DR. down 10lbs since last week and he said my heart shouldn’t explode during a workout. So I can push a Lil Harder

    1. GentleGrizzly Post author

      Awesome @GAM. Keep pushing man. Going to fun to see all of us drop weight and lower that body fat percentage over the next 6 weeks.

    2. GAM

      Thanks guys. I will type this cause you wont ever hear me say but I appreciate you guys pushing me to get better and cant wait till I’m able to not just keep pace but push the pace.

  7. Buckwheat

    @Gentle Grizzly: Good Q. Glad we kept a nice slow pace on those double Indian runs. They would’ve sucked even more had we not done so. Liked the new wrinkle.

    @GAM- Awesome news, brother! Love hearing stories of progress and better health like yours. I went through a similar experience and am grateful
    That I found F3 to hold me accountable. Love you all like brothers, of course ;-)!

    @FJ and @Pongo: It was good partnering with you guys at the daycare as well. Definitely noticed you pushing hard @Pongo!

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