20: still not divisible by 7. Or 6.

20 men ignored the warning signs and posted at The Ridge.

Warm-up mosey to the far bus lot.
2 Burpees
Imperial Storm Troopers x10
4 Burpees
Air Squats x10
6 Burpees
Sloooow Mericans x5
8 Burpees
Windmill x10
10 Burpees

Need teams of 3…but we have 20…so count off in 6s…get ridiculed by Tumbler…end up with 4 teams of 3 and 2 teams of 4. Get with your teams at one corner of the bus lot and listen intently for instructions. Or chat with your neighbor, then ask what we’re doing when the rest of the pax is about to start.

Relay 1
P1 starts running the loop. P2 starts Walking Lunges. P3 starts Dragon Walks (with a Merican). Once P1 catches up with P3, P1 takes over Dragon Walks, P3 runs to P2 and takes over Walking Lunges, P2 runs the loop to catch up to P1 and takes over Dragon Walks and so on. Continue until the Dragon Walks get to the opposite corner. At that point, call your team back and plank until all teams finish. Each teammate probably ran 3 loops, did 40 yds of Lunges and 30 yds of Dragon Walks. Once

Relay 2
Run/Bear Crawls/Lunges

Relay 3
Run/Stoli Skips/Burpee Broad Jumps

Mosey up and over Heartbreak Ridge and line up along the curb.
Backward Run up the steep end, 10 Jump Squats, Defensive Slide along the top, run down, 10 Mericans, Defensive Slid along the curb back to the starting point. 3 Cycles.

AYG back to the cars for Mary
LBCs x25
Low Flutters x26 (one louder)


Sweatyman Moleskin
1. Thanks for coming out. Goal was to just keep moving.
2. Starsky’s looking like an old-school hockey goon with the missing tooth. Who’s willing to pitch in for a gold replacement?
3. Taking off for Relay 1, I get the question “Are we supposed to be sprinting like him?” “No, that’s Bull’s jog.”
4. Yes, the backward run up the steep end of the intentional.
5. Strong push by Swami and Tumbler on the sprint back. Was Swami moving so fast out of competitiveness or fear?
6. Great to see Titleist back in the gloom, and Hong Kong Phooey on his second post.
7. Big thanks to SSMinnow for taking us out – great to have him back. Not sure if he wants anyone to know so keep it to yourself, but our ageless wonder turns 60 on Friday. But you didn’t hear that from me….

Pax tibi,

5 thoughts on “20: still not divisible by 7. Or 6.

  1. Othello

    @Gamma-thanks for teaching us he “new math”, @Tobasco-little help here? Seriously, good beat down this am.

    Strong work Group 4-proud to be part of your team. @Paris sure can skip like a mother!

  2. Clueless

    @Gamma – mission accomplished on the ‘keep moving’ goal. Good stuff. I know that lady that was entering the school was thinking… “what are these nuts up to… and I better clinch my purse a little tighter”. Nice fly by.

    Team 5 was solid. Enjoyed pairing with you @PapaJohn and @HongKongPhooey!

  3. SSMinnow

    @Gamma….that was a sweat-fest…didn’t even have to look up when doing the dragon-walks…just kept my head down and followed the sweat beads from all the Pax ahead.

    Good to meet you @HongKongPhooey … you were getting around those traffic islands rather hastily!

    For those Pax not doing F3Dads on Saturday….come on out to The Rail Yard ….it will be different…and it won’t have a 6-0 theme

  4. Swami

    Loved the beat down Gamma!
    To answer Gamma’s question…It was fear… Tumbler on your six is not where you want to be. @ SSMinnow I want to be you at 60.
    @Bull, just give us a heads up that your posting to the workouts is just prep for the 6 man BRR team that is really just prep work for your BRR solo mission in 2016. It is possible, just let the rest of them know so they can stop trying. @Tabasco- can’t wait till Thursday! @Phooey- nice work! 2 posts and your a pack leader…Q it up after Tabasco. @Paris and @Othello super solid work.

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