Thank You!

I’ll admit, one thing that I’ve really enjoyed about this AO is coming around that curve before the clubhouse and not being able to see the parking lot until I turn in, turning into the parking lot, and seeing men there every time I’ve posted.  Today did not disappoint as there were 19 men that joined me to complete what some have been calling “The Week of The Farm”, others have been calling awesome/admirable, and what my #sadclown friends that I’ve been trying to EH have called just plain stupid.  Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless.  Hey that’s CSAUP!  We F3 men can’t get enough of it.  So…we got after it and it went like this!

Warm up mosey around the clubhouse.

16 MC IC

Although you have all inspired me this past year, I tried to incorporate things into the workout that are most memorable to me and/or things that F3 men that have stood out to me would do if they were Q’ing.

Moses (Moses Q’d my first beatdown at BRP and we did something similar to this for the entire hour.  It was awful.  He EH’d me two years ago, I came out a year ago, and nothing has been the same since.  Every time we talk, he gives me a perspective I couldn’t see prior to the conversation.  And that goes for F3, work, and just life in general.  Thanks for everything brother).

De-constructed Iron Cross

Partner Wheelbarrow to second tree.
15 partner throw downs.  Flapjack.
Partner Wheelbarrow back to where we started.  Repeato.

Side lunge to benches facing clubhouse.
15 Partner presses, flapjack.
Side lunge back.

It is here where Schultz corrected YHC and reminded me that turning around the other way would work the same leg.  Little did the pax know, we were supposed to repeat each piece of the cross and we were going to turn around during the second round.  Silent audible was called.  You’re welcome.

Partner Push to second tree. 15 Mason Twists. Flapjack.  Partner push back.

Partner Pull to second tree. 15 Partner Derkins.  Flapjack.  Partner Pull back.

Mosey to Capitol Hill

LBCs at the corner while waiting for the six.

Dingo (After posting for a few NoCo workouts, Moses pointed me to the MECA guys.  Tradition was my home for 10 months.  What Dingo has done there is incredible.  If it weren’t for his leadership, how the group leaves no man behind, and just the good time I’ve had with these guys and the relationships I’ve built with some good men, I would not have started Davis Lake and would not be posting a year later.  Thanks brother.)

Jack Webbs/Prisoner Merkins 1-10

Chowder/Pharaoh (Pharaoh Q’d my second MECA workout…not sure if he remembers. It was at MCP and I brought along an FNG that we would later name Chicken Strip.  He had us do ladders…I remember him planning to do half the reps but things got confusing so instead of lowering the reps, he doubled them.  And for some reason, when I think quadraphilia, I think Chowder).

Ladder 10-2 (start at the bottom)
Quadraphilia up the hill
Inclined Merkins at top IC
CDDs at the bottom IC

Another mental audible was called.  You will see what else I had planned at future beat downs.

Mosey back to clubhouse.

Chowder/Pharaoh (Chowder probably Q’d my third MCP beatdown.  He had us doing one legged burpees at the bottom of the hill and top.  I was going to do this today, but Schultz gave me the BS call I was hoping for so I didn’t do it.  Chowder has been a voice of encouragement throughout this whole Davis Lake thing that gave me confidence to be able to pull this off.  He and Pharaoh seem to have found the fountain of youth and are getting stronger with age.  It’s incredible.  Oh, and Pharaoh loves burpees.  Thanks brothers.)

5 burpees
10 Air Squats
5 burpees
10 toe lifts
5 burpees
10 monkey humpers
5 burpees

Jack Webbs/Prisoner Merkins 5-1


LBCs x 15 IC
Pretzel Crunch x 10. Flapjack.
Homer to Marge Medley
SEAL team sit ups x 6


Thanks for joining today.  I could say a lot here and name each and every one of you but just know that you each mean more to me than you’ll ever know.  I’m grateful for this group and everyone that has and will continue to push me to step out of my comfort zone, which is where the real growth happens.  If we aren’t growing, we’re dying.  To my Davis Lake guys, I can’t wait to celebrate your anniversaries with you and look back to where you were when you first started.  I would not have been able to complete one of the workouts I Q’d this week one year ago.  I’m officially one of the crazies and I love it!  Thanks!

The Farm

11 thoughts on “Thank You!

    1. Trail Mix

      Tclaps @thefarm on a nice culmination to your celebration week. Always good working out with you sir.

      And tclaps to @piston on some strong progress since I was last at DL. I think the biggest testament to your growth is that you were still able to dish out the mumblechatter the last 10 minutes.

      1. The Farm Post author

        Thanks brother! Same to you. And Piston is strong! Apparently the work out today was a warm up. King Julian has been really fascinated by Piston’s legs this week… It’s been interesting.

  1. Dingo

    Great job @The Farm! Q’ing a week of beatdowns is no joke! You’ve come a long way in a year. From a guy who used to give us that “you guys are crazy” look, to now being the guy who is not only suggesting, but doing the crazy stuff!!

    Starting up the Davis Lake AO has been huge for you! I’ve seen you grow so much in the last few months. Your confidence has exploded and it seems the F3 Kool aid has been injected into your blood stream!

    You are a leader of men and it is just awesome to be your friend!!

    1. The Farm Post author

      Thanks! I went from having to be talked into things to having to be talked out of things. Had to get my M to convince me not to run this morning…

  2. Buckwheat

    Well done @The Farm. Quality beatdown and fun at the same time! Good mixture of different things. I agree w/ @Dingo, a week of Q’s is no joke! Your progress has been a inspiring to watch over the past year.

    @The Hop- good partnering w/ you at the beginning. STRONG work, brother!

    @Snake Eyes and @Toxic- it was nice to meet you guys. Look forward to making the trek to Isotope in the very near future!

    @Piston- outstanding progress so far. 98% attendance since you started, good stuff!

    @King Julian- Not sure why you’re so infatuated by @Piston’s calfs.?.?.? Hope they don’t distract you too much during your VQ next Thursday 😉

  3. Toxic

    Nice work @TheFarm! Enjoyed my 2nd visit to Davis Lake, and it was great meeting some more of the MECA brothers.

    Happy anniversary, and I look forward to spending a 3rd Saturday with you all next week for an awful Snake Eyes beat down!!!

  4. Piston

    8 weeks in and i am learning a few things, like what ” the workouts do not get easier, but you get stronger” True that. Yesterday i planked on one arm, the other raised, this may not seem like a lot but it shows me how i am getting stronger
    No matter how many times i am “the six” i get support from the PAX as i lumber into the group dead last, no man left behind, how many of you have fell in with me and walked the last bit, makes me feel special
    The fellowship here is something else
    thank you brothers
    iron sharpens iron!!!

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