Steps and Hills

21 of Harrisburg’s finest came out for some work on the steps and hills around the park.

The thang:
Jog around until the library steps:

Set 1:
Reverse spiderman merkins up the library steps, lunge down the ramp

Set 2:
Reverse spiderman merkins up the library steps, scale down the ramp railing

Jog up to the parking lot past park entrance:
Mountain climbers x20

Jog to Henderson Circle and jog to the bottom of the circle for some partner push/pulls:

Partner 1 pushes Partner 2 half way up the hill, with resistance from Partner 2. Then switch

Jog back down road to Preschool parking lot:
SSH x20
Plank jacks x10

Jog down Robinson Church Road to the farmer’s market area:
LBCs x20
Low dolly x20

Jog around the path to the plusher grass (just for you, Hootie!) for some Jack Webs:
Starting at 1 merkin — 2 air presses
2 merkins — 4 air presses
3 merkins — 6 air presses
4 merkins — 8 air presses
5 merkins — 10 air presses

Heartbreak Hill Ladders:
5 burpees at bottom, run up hill, 5 dips at top, run back down
4 burpees at bottom, run up hill, 4 dips at top, run back down
3 burpees at bottom, run up hill, 3 dips at top, run back down
2 burpees at bottom, run up hill, 2 dips at top, run back down
1 burpee at bottom, run up hill, 1 dip at top

Jog through the woods to Quadraphelia hill for 4 minutes of:
Jog down, 1 jump squat at bottom, jog backwards up hill

Jog back to home base for MARY:
LBCs x20
Mason Twist x15
Crunchy Frog x15
J-Lo x15

1. T-claps to several men who ran what I recall as 5-12 miles of Blue Ridge prep. Strong work.
2. Since when has the PAX cared about rules? Silly mumble chatter about us hopping a cable to work out in the grass. I’m the Q, dang it!! 😉
3. I’ll be sure to bring a cooler and cups next time…I figured I could be soft since we only did half the reps Gamma shelled out to us a few weeks ago.
4. Please keep SS Minnow and his family in your prayers with the recent losses of family members, as well as Banjo Boy’s family as they adjust to life with a 2.0
5. Love Gamma’s idea for La Unica to offer us breakfast burritos for coffeteria. We would pay of course, right?
6. Sorry for the vasectomy talk…somehow that keeps getting brought back up…I blame myself and the numerous large families of F3 Harrisburg. #reproduction
7. Thanks for the chance to lead, men. Always a pleasure.

2 thoughts on “Steps and Hills

  1. SunDial Post author

    Have an awesome weekend, everyone! Segundo, behave yourself on the camping trip #gottashowtoknow

  2. Gamma

    Nice work, @SunDial. Remember, if guys are complaining about the workout, it usually means you’re doing something right, so keeping doing it. And add reps, or go faster. Oh, and no need to take blame for large families. When we’re all old and feeble, we have better odds of at least one of our 2.0s still liking us enough to take care of us! Wouldn’t trade it for anything…

    I think @SoloCup actually had the idea for La Unica…looking forward to those breakfast burritos with my extra manly latte.

    Tclaps to @Hootie, @Bull, @BBQ, @Segundo and @Nautilus for the 12ish miles….and to @SoloCup, @TurfToe and FNG Dan for dragging me around for almost 6. My only goal was to catch to you before we saw the M walking RRC. Never would have heard the end of that.

    Lots of hard work out there, but gotta give special props to @HoneyDo. There is absolutely no quit in that young man.

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