11 posted on a muggy morning. YHC’s eyes are getting older and, frankly, I couldn’t read my workout sheet in the dim lighting. So, instead, we did suicides!



Windmill X 20 IC

Stormtroopers X 20 IC


Using the front parking lot, we ran a series of 1-17 parking space suicides. At each lap, an exercise was done with reps that corresponded with the number of parking spaces ran. Three series of suicides were ran:

– Mericans

– Squats



People’s Choice Mary:

– Stretchy: Some sort of CBW fighting exercise (awesome by the way)

– Whatley: The W

– Schnitzel: Mason Twists

– Hula:Pretzel Crunch

Moleskin & Announcements

– Strong work today by all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted at Rolling Stone…..and it’s very evident that you guys are getting stronger.

– Chachi’s Dr. has informed him that continuing to exercise is going to accelerate his need for a hip replacement. Unfortunately, this morning was his last post. Keep him in your prayers. We serve a big God. Lord willing, Chachi will be back out with us soon.

– The shirt site is up. Check it out here . You need to get in your order before August 7th to be included.

– Murph on Monday: 5:30AM at Highland Creek Sport’s club.

6 thoughts on “Suicides

  1. Marie Calendar

    Nice on-the-fly workout today, Kato.

    God is the Great Physician- let’s lift up Chachi and pray for his health as he deals with this set back.

  2. Schnitzel

    @Kato – very nice, good to have you post. Thanks for the shirts show-n-tell.
    @Stretchy – tough work on the CBW! I must have a terminal case.
    @Pax – good work this week. By my count, although the dim lighting affected my ability to do so with any accuracy, I have 153 merkins, squats and LBCs today. That gives the weekly total, Chelsea included, of 150 dips, 453 merkins and 603 squats! What are we gonna do next week? Check out the post from @Skipper last week at Tradition where he did a military FT – how many merkins and Army-style sit ups can you do in 2 minutes? Then a 2 mile timed run. Might be interesting to do at Rolling Stone – Look for that at the next Schnitzel Q.

  3. Stretchy

    @Kato – nice combo of runnning and stuff, great to see you back
    @Schnitzel – your math skills are awesome, but my legs and shoulders disagree – they think it is closer to a thousand of each
    @Chachi – its been an honor and pleasure to work out with you. If you need any advice or have any questions, don’t hesitate.

  4. Chachi

    Thanks guys, it has truly been an honor to workout with you guys. I will really miss the second F that just happens as we workout together. Hopefully this will not be a permanent absence and I will be able to return. Best of luck to you all. Hope to see you in the gloom again.

    1. Hula

      @Chachi lifting you up in prayer my brother. Hope you continue to find fellowship and continued fitness. You are welcome to join @Sparknut and I’s Bible study at 730am on Saturdays at Christian Brothers Automotive.

      These past two workouts were grueling. I am very thankful

      Thank you @Kato and @Schnitzel. Great work!

  5. WaterBoy

    Kato those suicides killed. Chachi I have enjoyed getting to know you and pray for your healing. You will always be a stoner!

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