Gazebo’s Virgin Roller Coaster Q!

15 Men discovered that Gazebo is a liar…..

Gazebo has long voiced that he is not a runner, yet on his virgin Q he took us down and up the roller coaster!  Not a runner……there were monkeys flying around the Tradition today…..

The Thang;

Dingo led – Dynamic warm up/mosey down to the start of the roller coaster(1/4mile)

Gazebo Led –

  1. Down the roller coaster
  2. Plank at bottom of first dip until six arrives
  3. Up the roller coaster
  4. Plank at top of peak until six arrives
  5. AYG down the long section of the RC
  6. Mary exercises at the pool parking lot until 6 arrives

Dingo Led –

  1. Cack-A-Lack-A-Choo-Choo down greenway x 2
  2. 5 merkin penalty if your knee touches the ground while in plank
  3. Indian run down greenway and back to pool – 2 burpee penalty before you run

Gazebo led

  1. Back up the roller coaster – same deal as before
  2. Add in a little SSH in front of Funky Bunches house – Funky did not come out and say hello
  3. We did see M-Funky running back to the house though!

Mary – Couple of exercises

The Rollered Moleskin;

  1. Thanks for stepping up Gazebo!  I enjoyed Co-Q’ing with you!  You did a great job and I look forward to seeing what you can bring in the future!
  2. Want to Co-Q a beatdown?  Ask any of our experienced Q’s and they will help you!
  3. Great effort out there men!  Its 2 miles down to the Pool and back and that doesn’t include the Indian run!
  4. Did anyone see Kemosabe sprinting???!!!!  He must not be feeling well!!


6 thoughts on “Gazebo’s Virgin Roller Coaster Q!

  1. Kemosabe

    Jelly’s run during the PT test last week really inspired me. He almost beat the skipper which was impressive. I am going to try and push myself more on Tuesday/Thursday’s to get into better shape and maintain a strong pace through a series of workouts so I can lead without letting folks down with to much idle time like the last workout which was Iron Fist.

    1. Dingo Post author

      Good stuff Kemosabe! Just pick that guy who is slightly ahead of you and pick him off, then move onto the next and then the next and you’ll be at the front of the pack in no time!

  2. Dingo Post author

    I enjoyed that this morning! Hills will make you stronger every time! There are no jelly lube opportunities on a hill.

    I always am inspired by how you men push yourselves each morning. Some great push out the on a tough hill route!

  3. Gazebo

    Thank you Dingo for the Co-Q opportunity, I appreciate it. Outstanding job by everyone, good team effort-those hills are no joke but I had a good time!!

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