There Can Be Only One

9 PAX posted on another warm, moist day to improve their bodies…..maybe their minds.

– 10 minute mosey south on Spring, east on Chestnut, North on Union to backside of Carolina Courts

– Circle up

SSH x 20 IC

Arm Stretches and Circles

Floyd Mayweathers x 10 IC (Think 4-count punching plank)

The Thang

3-Station circuit as follows with all PAX starting at Station 1

1 – (8) Burpees, 100 yd run

2 – Side Walk Merkins x 20 yds, Run to top of Steps by Driveway

3 – (10) 180 degree Squat Jumps, Run back to 1

Rinse & Repeat until time is called


Pretzel Crunches x 10 IC each side

Crunchy Frogs x 10 IC

Warrior Pose each Leg x 20 seconds


Highlander….what a great flick.  Forgot to ask who completed the most evolutions before time was called to determine who the ONE was.  Pretty sure it was Exit or Flyboy.  Kudos to Exit 54 on calling me out on a recycled WOD…we did this one back in December. Of course a good burn is a good burn!  Great effort by all.  Welcome to Running Eagle, my son,  as the newest Concord member.  Nice to know there are some things the old man can still kick his but in (i.e. anything with arms!) Always an honor

Aye, Hipbone