No one ever said the cruise has to be creative…

Eight men + YHC headed to the starting line for today’s cruise, but one man quickly decided today was not the day and joined the rest of the fisters (you had to show to know).

The Thang:

See here for what the route should have been.

When we got to the Cabarrus Family Medicine building, Jelly yelled something about us turning around.  To me, this was akin to the story about the boy crying wolf.  What Jelly was trying to say is, my route was telling us to double back to reach the 4.04 miles.  However, I chalked whatever Jelly was saying up to the #jellylubing to which we’ve all become accustomed.  As a result, my route had us do 3.6 miles.  But I think most of the men, in typical F3 fashion, made up the difference in their own way.

We regrouped with the Iron Fist crew for Mary, COT, BOM.


1)  Great work by all out there.  Thanks for the second F @ManDown and @Blind Date.  I figured @ManDown was either weighed down by his undigested birthday meals or was taking it easy for the first few miles.

2)  It’s amazing how much the bootcamps help with the cardio involved in running and vice versa.  But, the best way of improving your running is to run.

3)  @Blind Date, I don’t care what you say.  You are a runner!  Believe it brother!

Thanks for allowing me to lead.  3 down, 3 to go!

The Farm


16 thoughts on “No one ever said the cruise has to be creative…

  1. Dingo

    I was a little confused when I got back and my watch said 3.6miles. But Nada, Blinddate and I continued on and picked up the extra .4.

    Thanks for coming up with this complicated route!

  2. Dingo

    I’m also REALLY enjoying the cruise getting back up and “running”! Thanks guys for making this happen and being there each week! I felt really comfortable over 4 miles this morning. 2 mins faster than my last 4 mile run! Cause I was trying to catch you all!!

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      I’m happy that I’m able to do the cruise now. I may just have to stick with this from now on instead of moving back to Mondays once the marathon training is over.

  3. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice, simple route this morning Farm. Except for the fact that you can’t seem to operate the running app you used. Live and learn brother.

    Thanks for the 2ndF @Blinddate and @ManDown.

    1. The Farm Post author

      Yeah I downloaded it right before I came up with the route. Close but no cigar. Of course, I’ve got plenty of men to let me know when it’s not right!

      I thought the simple route would allow for some great second F and it didn’t disappoint.

      1. Forgotten Jelly

        I think that @ManDown was going easy on me this morning. Must be all the extra pounds from his birthday celebration.

        1. Man Down

          Definitely feeling the extra pounds, but definitely NOT going easy on you! Must be that I’m 42 now! 🙁

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    Also, the expression on @GAM’s face was priceless this morning. I wish we had a camera at that moment.

    1. The Farm Post author

      Yes, that was hilarious. We were all pumped when we saw him headed out there with us. One day @GAM and probably sooner than you think!

      1. BlindDate

        I wish someone would have been videoing that as well. @GAM will be out there sooner than later.

  5. BlindDate

    @Farm – thanks for the 2nd F and for planning out the route.

    @Jelly – thanks for the 2nd F for the first half. You shot out like a dart for the final 2 miles.

    @Dingo and @Nada – thanks for closing it out that last 0.4 miles to make sure we got 4 in. I knew something was wrong when @Farm and I got back and he said it was 6:02. 8 minute miles is not in my vocabulary……yet.

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Thanks. Just felt good the last two miles. Plus, had to stay with @ManDown.

      Before long you’ll be doing 8 min miles.

  6. Man Down

    Chiming in late here. Busy day today! I enjoyed this morning’s run, especially the second F time with farm and jelly. Had to cut back home early, so I’m glad the route took us by my neighborhood. Still ended up with a total of 4.25 miles. Great to be out there with you guys! Jelly, you just keep getting faster bro!

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