Who Knew HCE Had A Pool? Glock!

14 warriors shouted, “Bite me!” to humidity in the mid-90s and gathered in the gloom to sink their teeth into a new #downPAINment.  YHC will let the comments decide whether or not the PAX will see this again.  Sound off men!  Shovel flag planted, disclaimer given and the PAX was off.

Warm Up:

  • Mosey towards middle school with a Bear Crawl the width of the median, then circle up for…
    • Carolina Dry Docks x 7
    • Squats x 7
    • Merkins x 7
    • Lunges x 7
      • this was a gentle foreshadowing of the beatdown to follow
      • see #DelusionsOfGrandeur below for the rational behind a 7 count

The Thang:

The PAX had to use their imagination as this was originally intended for the football field at Mallard Creek HS.  (Please explain to @Frodo what a football field is as he is a Jayhawks fan and has little or no quality exposure to a game measured in yards.  Direct him to Darrell Royal Stadium in Austin, TX should he approach you for guidance.  #HookEm)  YHC borrowed a measuring wheel from his father-in-law to make sure the PAX had proper 10 yard intervals marked to simulate the back of one end zone to the other (120 yards total @Frodo).  30 minutes was given to complete as many cycles as possible of the following…

  • Bear Crawl end zone and run to each of the next 9 stations at their corresponding yard line
  • 10 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 20 Squats
  • 30 Merkins
  • 40 Lunges (single leg)
  • 50 LBC
  • 40 Lunges (single leg)
  • 30 Merkins
  • 20 Squats
  • 10 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Bear Crawl end zone
  • Run back to the other end zone
  • repeato
    • 240 yards each cycle
    • 250 reps each cycle

The timer mercifully sounded after a very long 30 minutes and the PAX headed back for MARY.


  • Low Flutter x 20
  • Pretzel Crunch x 15 each side
  • The Squirm x 20
  • Low Dolly x 20

COT and Locked Shields BOM


  1. Skywalker bootcamps on Wednesdays and Fridays launching from the Skybrook Golf Club at 5:30a
  2. VQ for @Sandman this Saturday, 7:00a, Mallard Creek Park.

The Moleskin:

  • YHC had #DelusionsOfGrandeur that one of the sub 200 lbs warriors would be able to complete 7 cycles and then run to the far 30 yard line in the time allotted (1760 yards, that’s a freaking mile, and 1750 reps).  But the lead group of @Pavarotti, @Google, @Hammer and @Grinder put forth solid effort, setting the pace with 4 cycles completed and were approaching the halfway point of their 5th.  That’s about 1100 reps and 1000 yards.  Nice work!
  • Glad to have @MillionDollarMan post @Highlands.  The mission of F3 is to plant, serve and grow men’s small workout groups in order to reinvigorate male community leadership.  Thankful to have a man who is already providing testosterone based leadership in our community.  In a society that has very few men investing in the lives of students as a profession, YHC would like to offer #Tclaps to @MillionDollarMan.  When I ask my 2.0s who has been the best educator they’ve had – they both respond without hesitation @MillionDollarMan (although my 16 yr old and 14 yr old refer to him as Fatty and Mr. Ratchet respectively and with great endearment).  YHC is grateful not only for the education but for the leadership you’ve given my 2.0s and so many others!
  • It wouldn’t be a mosey to MARY without a @Pavarotti bush jump.  YHC is always impressed and nervous all at the same time.
  • Although no one else can verify this, @Glock must have slipped away unnoticed during the workout and found the HCE pool.  There is no other explanation for how one man could be that soaked from head to toe.  He didn’t leave a #SweatAngel, he left a puddle.  I guess it’s remotely possible he could be really serious about his hydration.  But with @Glock’s mad legal jargon skills any attempt at breaking him will most likely be unsuccessful and we will never know the truth.

Always an honor to lead the PAX!



9 thoughts on “Who Knew HCE Had A Pool? Glock!

  1. Grinder

    Excellent lead today @Alcatraz. I always enjoy your Qs, even as I’m begging for it to end.

    I started off thinking that the sets of 30 merkins would get tough… I was right but those lunges, ouch! Loved the format of this beatdown. TClaps.

    I was feeling a bit proud of my sweat angel until I saw the blob left behind by @Glock. That’s gotta be some sort of record

  2. Pavarotti

    Great work, Alcatraz! I always appreciate a well planned beat down.

    @google @grinder @hammer – I’ll get you next time. Way to push.

  3. Murdoch

    Loved it. Feelin’ it with every step today. Appreciate the thought and leadership on your part.

  4. Gordo

    @alcatraz- you might be starting a classic. Worth to be repeated.

    Thank you for the @milliondollarman summary of credentials… Great entertainment

    Good job to the lead group.

  5. Alcatraz Post author

    If we keep the workout, we need to name it. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling:
    – 240/250
    – 250/240
    – Football 101 For Frodo
    – Touchdown Beatdown
    – A Simple 30 Minute Mile
    – The Impossible Mile
    – Escape From Alcatraz

    I am not all in on any of the above suggestions. Feel free to submit your own. Something will stick.

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