Zion Leg Burner

4 Men gathered today to head out on a 30mile ride at the Steel Wheels ride this morning.  Shortly joined by UCB and company headed out for a 50miler. #strong.

The route is posted here in Strava for anyone wanting to check it out.

Overall we ended up doing about 30.4 miles with an average MPH at 18.5.


  1. Never too old to learn a new lesson.   Always bring a spare tire, and CO2 pump. (or 2.)   Thanks for UCB and company for having the extra spare after Slipstream’s flat.  Also glad Drone had the micro pump.  Original spare didn’t quite work (probably due to YHC’s sloppy installation.  ahem…)  I think I owe the 2nd spare to someone..
  2. Does the soul some good to face the drudgery of getting up early and getting on that bike.  Once riding it quickly becomes the best part of the week.   The feeling of “how could I ever miss this?!” Perfect weather, good fellowship, and a fast ride.
  3. 2 weeks in a row over 18mph,  this ride was not for the faint of heart.   Nor were the hills located at the end of the ride.   Zion Church Rd is the playground to build climbing legs.
  4. Transformation: complete … Parkay is officially a cyclist.  This is the last post I get to rag on him. What a transformation its been.  Taking the lead after Zion Church Rd and dropping the group!  #beastmode.
    1. bike – check
    2. tires inflated – check
    3. shoes and pedals – check
    4. cycling shorts and jersey  – check      really impressive work today.
  5. Have a blessed week and safe travels to anyone going on trips or vacations.


– Escalade

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