Pippa’s or Elron?

With no Q in sight, 11 off the finest men hanging out at an elementary school at 5:30 AM took off for a few miles of fun.  There was a lot of talk of Pippa’s and Elron and Elron and Pippa’s.  With YHC having no clue where either was or how to get there, he took off in hopes that the resident Highlands speed demon did.  As it turns out, Frodo knows just as little as his hood as Hootie himself.  As a result, the chaos that ensued came as no surprise.


We went right out of the school, up a hill, made another right, then a left, and the rest is up for debate from there. The front 4 took off into the land of big houses, 3 neighborhoods, and equally big hills.  The first sign that all hell had broken out directionally was Chowder running on his own doing one legged burpees asking where we came from.  With little worthwhile to say to him, the pack carried on until Solo Cup was encountered.  He was last seen turning around to circle back with us in hopes of finding his way home.  Last we heard he was still bouncing between HC, WW, and SB like a pinball.  Filibuster and his prosthetic calf then came calling and went on a search and rescue mission for the aforementioned Solo to no avail.  At this point the nice group long run closer resembled a Chinese fire drill as folks were circling everywhere like buzzards looking to feed on the dead sheep Shazam was wearing while he turned 16 laps on the same street.


All hope was not lost as Kato came back into our lives with his 9th pair of shoes for the summer and his red hot derriere.  We followed his flashing rear up Elron to what we thought was the light at the end of the tunnel.  Instead, it was Stoli in his new matching neon digs fresh off the clearance rack at Champs Sports.  It seems he was uber jacked after having thrown up 315 lbs. 72 times in the garage and needed a quick run to burn off some of the Andro4000 before heading home for the early service and his volunteer assignment in the nursery.


After chasing Ironhide for another climb, the crew headed towards the launch point in hopes of making sense of the madness that took place and still not finding Pippa’s.  It seems all the early Pippa’s talk conjured up a Chopper appearance as he showed for the 2nd shift that hasn’t occurred in months and was awaiting our arrival back at the school.   You get an A for effort my friend but we all know you had no intention of running.  It was still great to see you.


Lies were told, Nanny’s spreadsheets were discussed, and Shazam practiced pinning strobes to the sheep in preparation of BRR.  COT ensued and we called it a day.


Sweaty Sweaty Moleskin

  1. Heard rumblings of anywhere from 6.5 to 10.5 to a mysterious 13 miles covered by the Pax.  Don’t listen to Frodo.  He’s just as deceptive as he is fast.  Can’t blame O2 deprivation on everything.
  2. T-claps to Solo for finding his way home.  I would have come looking for you but had no clue where I was either.
  3. HC security is still on lookout for a white male last seen running down the parkway with a panty on his head.
  4. Diplomat is officially a sandbagger.
  5. Nighthwak is fast.  Ironhide is faster.  Enjoyed the pace and the push.  #FatPeople
  6. Does anyone really know their way around Highland Creek?

I take responsibility for none of this.

With a little love…


7 thoughts on “Pippa’s or Elron?

  1. Gamma

    Great to be out there. I was at the bottom end of the mileage range, and that still sucked. Tclaps to all of you putting in 8+

    Glad I could give green-flashy-light-security-guy something to worry about this morning. Not sure if it was the headwear, or the crowbar and car stereo I was carrying. #southsider

  2. SoloCup

    Tough little area to navigate….still never saw Pippas. Did see a lot of Elond though.

    Thanks for waiting on me to get back guys.

  3. Gump

    You all were very lucky not to end up in handcuffs this morning, Seems there was car egging on the parkway early this morning and 4 golf carts were stolen and then dumped from the golf course. Cops all over our street this morning.

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