Last Call: Beware the Gump

15 PAX set out on Glock’s maiden Saturday Q voyage on a particularly hot and humid Saturday morning. Still recovering psychologically from the abuse from his first lead many months ago, the Q was initially relieved to see that Chowder was a no show (again). That relief was quickly transformed to despair when the unmistakable voice of Gump was heard as he lay stretching on the ground out of sight. Talk about a buzz kill.

After circling up, the following warm up exercises were conducted:
SSH (20)
ISS (20)
Windmill (15?)
CDD (15?)
To his credit Gump did not initiate the inevitable abuse, but when asked for advice (what was I thinking?) he quickly pointed out the unresolved cadence deficiencies of the Q.

The Pax then ran to the hill on the way toward the baseball fields, stopping to do 25 merkins on their own. After reaching the hill, they did an 8-1 ladder of burpees and merkins.

Then moderate run up the street to the fences, where three sets of merkins were performed, one on each level of the fence. The cadence light finally went off for the Q during this exercise; Gump seemed genuinely upset by this.

Another moderate run to the picnic shelter, where we did three sets of jump ups (15), dips (20) and LBC’s (30). Then three sets of people’s chair with air presses, separated by 10 donkey kicks.

Ran back toward the lower soccer fields, stopping to do 9 burpees along the way. PAX then proceeded to do four sets of the following at the big hill by the bleachers:  merkins on planking partner (10); leg throw downs (15); military presses with partner’s legs (10); and jump squats with partner planking (15).

Mosey back to Mary, where did pretzel crunches, mason twist and low flutter (numbers fuzzy right now).


Enjoyed the workout and fellowship with you guys. Kudos to Major Pain and Gump for going to “detention” and doing the last 10 burpees that the Q forgot to impose during the workout.

See you in the gloom soon.

2 thoughts on “Last Call: Beware the Gump

  1. Buckwheat

    Solid beatdown @Glock. No worries on the cadence at the beginning, you fixed it pretty quickly! You kept the mumble chatter to a minimum starting w/ the burpee ladder right out of the gate. Like the last four corner hill drill at the end, despite the awkwardness of the partner shoulder presses…. Great partnering w/ you @Alcatraz!

  2. Gump

    @Glock excellent Q.. 95% improvement on your cadence calling and you did a fine job of copying others workouts. I’m sorry that @MajorPain and I got to chatting like old women but hey I had a few months of catching up to do.

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