Miscellaneous Mayhem

A gloriously humid morning for fun with bricks…9 faithful PAX rose to the challenge.

Warm Up

– Mosey around parking lot – High Skip, High Knee, Butt Kickers, Karaoke

– Circle Up in Lower Lot

SSH x 15 IC

Mt Climbers x 15 IC

Arm Circles

Leg Stretches to Walk Outs

The Thang

– Mosey to truck, each PAX grabs (2) standard bricks (3.5lbs per)

– Mosey to Mall Parking Lot by Belk

Execerise Ladder as follows:

SSH with Bricks x 10 IC, Sprint Down and Back

SSH, LBCs x 10 IC, Sprint Down and Back

SSH, LBCs, Merkins x 10 IC, Sprint Down and Back

SSH, LBCs, Merkins, Goblet Squats with Bricks x 10 IC, Spring Down and Back

SSH, LBCs, Merkins, Squats, Dips x10 IC, Sprint Down and Back

-Mosey to Health College Parking Lot with Bricks for Plank/Bear Crawl Jamboree

PAX split into 2 groups 25 yards apart and all assume Plank position.  One by One each PAX Bear Crawls to the other side and then resumes the Plank position. Continue until all PAX are done.  30 second recovery then Repeato

– Grab Bricks, mosey to ASEC middle parking lot

Circle Up

Modified, full extension, weighted Crunchy Frogs x 10 IC

KGB Twists x 15 IC with Brick

Repeato with 5 and 8 reps respectively

– Return Bricks to Truck, Mosey to Mary


– Child Pose to Side Plank x 5

– Child Pose to Cobra x 5

– Warrior Pose each leg x 2

– Attempted Crow Pose


Great group for a sweat-fest today.  Running with anything in your hands blows…bricks definitely do the trick.  Pre-start stretch found Deertick talking about food again which led to seafood talk and Indy’s bargin basement prices clams.  If he dies of food poisoning, we will know the cause.  Great F2 coffee afterwards.  Great way to start a Saturday hanging with a good group of guys.

Aye, Hipbone