A Stroll in the Park

5 for the bull run and 13 started their day off right with the Rail Yard. It started with a stroll/Mosey to the Flag in front of the library and circle up.

Warm up:
SSH X 15
Windmill X 10
Imp Storm Trooper X 15
Mt Climbers X 15

Mosey to the Library steps.
Reverse Spiderman Merkins up the steps
Broad jump down the ramp
30 LBC’s

Lunge Walk up the ramp
Spiderman Merkins down the Steps
30 LBC’s

Mosey to the extra parking lot where the bleachers are stored
10 step ups each leg, 10 incline press, 10 decline press
8 step ups each leg, 8 incline press, 8 decline press
6 step ups each leg, 6 incline press, 6 decline press
4 step ups each leg, 4 incline press, 4 decline press
Just for Gamma skip the 2’s and mosey to the double hill

At the hill, partner up and one partner gets a sandbag.
P1 does chest press w/ sandbag, P2 climbs the hill backwards at the top 10 jump squats, back down to P1 switch
Each partner goes up the hill three times and a minimum expectation of 120 team chest press
P1 squats with sandbag, P2 climbs the hill backwards at top 10 Carolina Dry docs, back down and switch
Each partner up the hill three times and minimum expectation for 120 team squats
P1 bent rows with sandbag, P2 climbs the hill backwards at top 10 dips, down and switch
Again each partner does this three times, min. expectation of 120 bent rows
Just as the Pax figured out the pattern, we took a quick mosey to the water fountain.

Mosey around the backside of the football field (gotcha Swami), towards heartbreak ridge up to the shelter and then circle up for Mary

LBC’s X 15
Low Dolly X 15
The W X 15
Rosalinda X 15
Plank Jacks X 15
The Squirm X 15

COT Lead by Solo Cup- Continued Prayers and thoughts to SSMinnow and Banjo Boy.

1. Thanks for coming out men. It has been a while since I led a Saturday workout, so I hope this one pushed you.
2. It is hot and humid out there. Make sure you hydrate.
3. Good thing Rocky River Coffee has outdoor seating. I don’t think the coffee smell would have covered our smell today.
4. Steel wheels and otb run tomorrow – look for the pre blast later today


3 thoughts on “A Stroll in the Park

  1. Gamma

    Definitely a tough one; legs are going to feel that all day. That’s the last time I call you Cupcake during kettlebells….at least until the next time. Great lead.

    @TurfToe – enjoyed catching up during the Bull Run. Helped take my mind off those hills @SoloCup suckered us into.

    Finally, want to publicly apologize again to @Diesel and @Klump for leaving you behind before starting Mary. It’s all of our responsibility to keep an eye on the #six and we failed you. No excuses.

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