Triceps in the morning!

It was my honor and pleasure to lead a beatdown for 19 of Tradition’s finest.  Counting YHC that made 20 for the workout – which I understand Tradition’s attendance has been at least 20 each day recently.  Great growth.  As they say sometimes the hardest part is just showing up!  Thank you all for showing up! Today YHC tried to isolate the tricep muscle and help make it stronger as that is the largest muscle in your arm.  Hopefully, men you felt some pain in that area.

The beatdown went as follows:

SSH – 15

Imperial Storm Troopers – 15

Plank Jacks – 15

Slow squats – 15

Shoulder raises – 10 each arm

Group 1

Exercise 1

10 shoulder raises – each arm

15 tricep extensions

Exercise 2

Clean and press – 10 each arm

Lawn Mower pulls – 10 each arm

15 ground to press

15 Curls

15 Military presses


Group 2

Exercise 1

10 Shoulder raises – each arm

15 tricep extensions

Exercise 2

Chest presses – 15

Lat pullovers 15

Goblin squats – 15

Squat presses – 15

Sumo Squats – 15


Rack to woods and back between Sets


Mary –

LBC’s – 15

Homer to Marge Medley – Raptor

Airborne Mind Bender


Great Job @Raptor in leading a vigirous Homer to Marge Medley.

Thanks to all for pushing through the workout

Prayers to the Marines who lost their lives yesterday.

Also Prayers to Coyote as he looks to further his education in Physical exercise and Science hence bringing the benefits of exercise to more people and potential PAX.

9 thoughts on “Triceps in the morning!

  1. GentleGrizzly

    We had 21 this morning, missing @Extra Point in the PAX above. Great job this morning gents! Strong workout @Maximus. Thanks for the beat down.

  2. Coyote

    Great beatdown Maximus!

    Shoulders and triceps are sore for sure! Shoutout to @Buckwheat for the push this morning! That 50 was a beast and you helped me to keep going! Tclaps brother!

    Thanks also to the PAX for the prayers!

  3. Buckwheat

    SOLID beatdown @Maximus. I’m feeling jacked today!

    @Coyote, Tclaps to you for navigating that 50. That must’ve been brutal as the 40 was killing me! Thanks to you, I may purchase a 50 this weekend and see how it goes!

  4. Maximus_MECA Post author

    Thanks for the feedback Pax! My apologies Extra Point – need to listen to the voice on my I phone better. Thanks for pointing that out Gentle Grizzly. Also – thanks to Extra Point and Soundwave for partnering with me today.

  5. Dingo

    Soo it’s Saturday afternoon and my triceps are killing me!! Thanks Maximus! Sure sign of a great beatdown!

  6. Maximus_MECA Post author

    Glad to hear some PAX are now swinging 50 pound bells. Very impressive. @Dingo, with you being the strongest man in tradition – I am honored that the beatdown has you still sore the day after!

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