Frank The Tank!

13 men including 1 FNG decided to make the best decision they will make today and laced them up for a Google powered beatdown.

Shovel Flag planted.. Disclaimer stated… Lets roll..

Warm up:

Mossy around parking lot with Stoli skips and side skips.

Circle up at upper parking lot for:

20 X SSH

15 x Imperial Squat Walker

20 x Windmill

15 x Merkins

The Thing:

Mossy to Basketball Court

(Routine is normally done on a Tennis court and named “Andre Agassi”. In honor of the newest member of the hornet…if performed on a basketball court it is now called the Frank Kaminsky!)

Line up on Base line.

1st half – GBS (google bun shapers) 10 x merkins

2nd half – Side plank walk – 10 merkins

3rd half – Groucho Walk – 10 Merkins

Last half – Side plank other direction –

10 x  burpees

Run full lap  – Repeato  x 4


Mosy to Ramp.

10 to 1 Ladder  with Sumo squats at the bottom and reverse curls at the top.

Alternate crawl bear and bear crawl every trip up ramp. Run Down.

Mosy to Mary.

25 x LBC

20 x Low Flutter

15 x superman jacks (Stretchy)

15 x Dying cockroach (sugar)

10 x X &O’s (Lawdog)

Circle Merc 4 rounds.




It was a pleasure to lead the fine men of Rolling Stone. Thanks for having me in the gloom! Always good to get out of my comfort zone @ Highlands and meet some of our other MECA brothers.  The new school has plenty of areas to get in a quality beatdown.  Enjoyed seeing @lawdog and the clowncar possy who rolled into the AO in style!  Welcome former FNG  @Fratelli! Great to meet you!

Happy Birthday to @Blindside!


Important Announcements

Southern Discomfort

  •  Area 51 is hosting a CSAUP event on August 1st: Southern Discomfort. Read the pre-blast for more information.

BRR: Runner and Drivers Needed

  • The Highlands BRR team is in need of one more runner (for the 12 man team) and two drivers for this year’s Blue Ridge Relay on 9/11-12. Contact The Nanny for more information.

CSAUP and Special Events Calendar


CSAUP and Special Events Calendar

2 thoughts on “Frank The Tank!

  1. Sugar

    Nice workout @Google, kicked my butt. When we got to the Ball Courts I was afraid we were gonna run suicides… I wish we had! Thanks for heading our way to Q!

    Great job today Fratelli, great to see you back out! Remember, everything gets easier. It still sucks…but it does get easier.

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