This one goes to 11 . . . well, almost

YHC was thinking there were more pullup bars at the AO, but a daytime site visit yesterday evening forced me to revise the weinke.  Unfortunately for all, it just got worse.

After some preliminary chatter and perfunctory stretching, the call was given and we headed off into the gloom.

Here’s the thang:

Short mosey to get blood pumping.  Then COP

20 Seal Jacks (regular or irregular form, based on Pax level of coordination)
15 mountain climber
15 4-count chest to ground Merkins
15 LowSlowSquat

Mosey to playground.

Called objective: Ladder 1 to 11 and back doing: PULLUP, BURPIE, KNEES TO ELBOWS, SIDE LUNGES (R+L = “1”)
Audible to stop after about 15 minutes.  Time to move on.

Mosey to quarry, get rock you can press, circle up near volleyball courts on some flattish ground.

Called objective: Ladder 1 to 11 and back doing: DECK SQUAT, FRONT RAISE, TRICEP EXTENSION, OVERHEAD PRESS while keeping rock off ground whole time
Audible to stop after about 10 minutes.  Time for . . .

20 Flutter w/rock press
20 Freddie Mercury
20 Dolly w/rock press
20 LBC
10 Russian Twist w/rock

Return rocks and stagger to parking lot for about 90 seconds of Chum-led stretching while YHC tried to unlock his phone.

And . . . TIME.



Plenty of additional pain opportunities for Mint Hill:

Wednesday – Pain Academy, 0530, Bain Elementary School
HairBand on Q

Thursday – Running Bear, 0530, Veterans Park,
5K distance (give or take)

Friday – Mint Hill Metal, 0530,Idlewild Baptist Church
Capri on Q

Saturday – The Vet, 0700, Mint Hill Veteran’s Park
Q spot Open


If you’ve been to any other workout I’ve Q’d, you know I’ll use pull-up bars any chance I get.  Since we had more Pax than bars (as I discovered Sunday evening), my original plan got modified.  I think we ended up with something pretty painful, but obviously I was a little overzealous on the ladder up  . . .  AND down plan.  Maybe we’ll make it next time I’m on deck.  And speaking of deck, I hope nobody got hurt with the ridiculously dangerous deck squats.  I almost crushed my knees a few times.  Should have seen that coming.  Oh well.  Got to try new stuff to see what might be worth repeating.

Welcome to site FNG Brutus.  Never did figure out how he got the name, but hope to see him again soon and find out.

Missed Farmwood and Horsehead.  Hope they were posting somewhere else this morning, not warming the fartsack.

Glad to see Chicken Fried back for second posting.  And in long sleeves again . . . guessing he’ll look like an Antarctic explorer when we see temperatures below 50 in a few months.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

2 thoughts on “This one goes to 11 . . . well, almost

  1. chickenfried

    To be blunt, the sweatshirt is so huge that it keeps my six from hanging out of my shorts. It’s kinda a public service haha.

  2. Chum

    That rock really kicked my six this morning. Should’ve picked differently. But I gotta say, I loved the deck squats. They beat me but this time but I gotta beat them.

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