Not a recovery ride

4 Men including one FNG (welcome Slipstream!) showed up at the Harrisburg Elementary for a nice 20+ mile bike ride.  While discussing the game plan Drone seemed like he had a route in mind and took the lead.

Route is posted here on Strava .    

Overall we covered 32 miles, and averaged 18.7mph.

Drone set the tempo early on and we never pulled back.


  1. Welcome Omega Capers (now known as Slipstream!)   There were almost too many naming options but I think Slipstream is pretty cool.   Keep coming out and give the weekday workout a shot. I think you’ll be hooked.   You definitely picked a good one to start with!  Hope to see you back next week.
  2. Parkay has become a cycling beast.  That took about 1 month…  Great job today.   Kept thinking “we may have lost him on that hill.” nope…  right there and closing.   #Strong!
  3. Nice lead Drone and thanks for the push at the end.   That last 2 miles did me in.  No way I was giving up.  I could tell you were not backing down either.

Have a blessed day!




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