BRR Dorado

9 pax started their week off right with a little El Dorado before their coffee.  Then after El Dorado no one had any energy to drink coffee.

The goal of this workout was to get some sustained vertical running in order to simulate the climbs on the BRR.  This one was very running and leg heavy and light on the upper body; as light as a mile of bear crawl can be.

The Thang:

  1. Partner up.  Speed matters.  This is a race after all.
  2. Partner 1 & 2 run up the ramps to the doorway to the Mineshaft.
  3. Both partners reverse course to go back down the ramps.
    1. Partner 1 running
    2. Partner 2 doing bear crawl on flats and walking clap lunges on down ramps.  If Partner 2 gets to the bottom before partner 1 catches them, they will do People’s Choice Mary.
  4. Partner 1 will run all the way back down, all the way back up, and then back down again until he finds partner 2.
    1. If partner 2 did not make it to the bottom (and is doing Mary), then the penalty is one down ramp of burpee broad jumps.  After penalty is paid, run to bottom of ramps.
  5. Repeato with partner 2 being the “runner.”
  6. Repeato until time is called.

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. The Highland pax is loving the new 485 route to El D.  Shazam clocked it at 9 minutes today.
  2. Most guys made 4 trips up the deck (24 floors) and at ~12 ft per floor we are giving the morning a tally of 288 feet of climbing.  That number in itself is not that impressive, but I think all the bear crawl, lunges, and burpee broad jumps made it a lot tougher.  It seemed way tougher than the 7.8 mile, 633 feet of climb Sunday run.  Shazam quickly pointed out that the Sunday run likely made this harder….true…
  3. This was a different kind of El Dorado.  It was hard, but not intense/flashy hard – it was a real grind.  By the time we made it back to the parking lot I just had NO energy left.  That Vita Coca water tasted so dang good.
  4. Two of the sweaty pax were not headed to the showers.  They were headed straight to work.  They were planning to take the Daily Shower Pill.  #DSP???  Shazam was going king sized name brand while Chavez was going with the budget conscious option….Chik-fil-a moist towelettes. Can’t wait to hear how that worked out….

6 thoughts on “BRR Dorado

  1. Kato

    Light on the upper body? That’s a crazy amount of bear crawling. I’ll be surprised/impressed if any team does a cycle without the penalty. Any runner should be able to run over twice as fast as their partner can bear crawl/walking lunge.

  2. Dropcloth

    Kato don’t let rational/factual thoughts get in the way here. The Nanny is on a roll.

  3. Kato

    Guys….hated to miss this (and yesterday’s) fun. I’m dealing with a nagging cold and hope to be back in the swing of things by Wednesday’s cruise.

  4. Shazam

    We might need to start calling @Kato “Carnac” after that prediction. Almost positive not a single team finished without penalties… T-claps to @Dropcloth for partnering up today. My legs just felt dead. Didn’t feel any power at all and truly was a grind. As for the ShowerPill… no one has passed out yet #justsayin. Thankful for my chair today. Aye.

  5. Dropcloth

    @Shazam – thanks for partnering up today definitely was pushing our tandem. If not for the text I would have fartsacked it as I was dragging myself there to post.

    The BRR Dorado was not what I wanted but probably what I needed – although my legs are dead and the chair at work is rather nice today. Burpee broad jump penalties down a concrete ramp certainly highlighted some unusual forms today.

    Great lead @The Nanny – it was painfully awful.

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