Tradition Thunder Road Training

8 men came out for some running.  We had options for 5 & 6 miles.

The Thang;

Neighborhood in and outs to allow for group to stay together.  Pick up 6 on the way back out of each hood.

  1. Right out of Church parking lot
  2. Right onto Katelyn dr run to end and back out to Prosperity
  3. Right on Prosperity
  4. Right onto Billingham run to end and back out to Prosperity
  5. Right onto Prosperity
  6. Right onto Baskerville run to end and back out to Prosperity
  7. Run across Prosperity
  8. Down into Old Timber Rd Loop and up to Prosperity
  9. Right on prosperity
  10. Right on Fairlea run to end and back out to Prosperity(This hill SUCKS!!)
  11. Right on Katelyn run to pool and back up to prosperity
  12. Back to Church

The Moleskin;

  1. Good job by all who came out today!
  2. A mix of distances from 5 miles up to 6.2 miles depending on how far you got into each hood.
  3. Tclaps to Coyote who ran 5 miles, the longest run he has ever done!
  4. Good push by all today!


3 thoughts on “Tradition Thunder Road Training

  1. Dingo Post author

    Good work gents! I was feeling good until I hit Fairlea hill……Then my brain kicked in and kept telling me i couldn’t do it. But watching you all pull away was enough motivation to keep me moving! Iron Sharpens Iron!

  2. Coyote

    Tclaps to all you guys! Even though I was bringing up the 6 just having y’all in front pushing kept me going strong to be able to finish! This much running is not something I would do on my own so thanks to you guys!

    1. Cinder Block

      Great job Coyote! It always feels good to hit your personal best. You’ll be able to say that each week, that’s pretty cool. I’m far from a marathon runner, so my personal longest isn’t far around the corner.

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