Monthly “Old Glory” Beatdown

31 men from Tradition, The Precinct, and various other corners of the F3 earth (including 3 FNGs) came together to challenge themselves at the monthly WIB of Old Glory. It’s so much fun, our brothers in Harrisburg and as far away as Richmond, VA have jumped in on the action! Here’s the rundown…

Start at Shovel Flag and run 1 mile loop. Then…

Station #1: 20 x ‘Mericans (front/right corner of Church)

Station #2: 20 x Jump Squats (back/right corner of Church)

Station #3: 10 x Pull-ups (Outback)

Station #4: 20 x WWII Sit-ups (near street)

Back to Shovel Flag  – That’s 1 round. Rinse & repeat Stations 1-4 as many times as you can (the loop is 0.4 miles). Regroup at 6am, then finish with another mile run, casual this time, front man carries Old Glory and six carries Tradition Flag.

The Moleskin:

Results are posted HERE with your name and number of complete laps plus additional stations completed around the AO (rounded down to nearest quarter lap). Previous round totals are posted as well. Plan to beat your own record next month! As usual, these are intentionally not listed in order of who “won” because this event is not a competition with one another, but rather a true “You vs You” opportunity to push your own limits. Whether you did 1 full round or 5, the point was to do YOUR best. Great job!


14 thoughts on “Monthly “Old Glory” Beatdown

  1. Man Down Post author

    Great push out there everyone! This month’s most improved virtual trophy goes to Speechless for literally DOUBLING his number of rounds! Thanks to Harrisburg for giving me the idea of posting results via Google sheets. Now, maybe you can teach me how you created that fancy backblast too!

  2. Forgotten Jelly

    Nice push by everyone this morning. It was really humid, so that definitely added to the difficulty. Old Glory is one of my favorite workouts and it’s awesome to see that others are doing this in different locations.

  3. Osceola

    Great Turn out this morning! Love this workout and so glad to see our numbers growing! good work out of all.

  4. Dingo

    You are all better men for doing that workout today! It was as humid as a mumma Roos pouch sitting on Ullaru!

    @Speechless – great work! I think F3 runs deep in this ones veins!

    @FNG’s this is a tough workout to start out on! Keep coming back! @Speechless doubled his rounds in just one month!!

    @mandown, jelly, belding, urlacher – you guys are just too fast, I couldn’t keep up! #respect

    I spent most of this workout by myself and it sucked! Though I felt the constant pressure behind me and that kept me going! Thanks whoever that was! I was too skeered to look back!!

    1. Forgotten Jelly

      Thanks for the shout out. I felt pretty good for the first mile and first 3 laps. Then Urlacher and Belding pulled away followed by Man Down. I just started to die. Gotta learn how to keep up with those guys. They are fast.

  5. BlindDate

    Love this workout…dislike the humidity. Awesome workout there by everyone. Kudos to the FNGs for coming out and powering through this workout. Hope that gave you a glimpse of what F3 is about. I promise that if you continue posting, you will get stronger. Speaking (pun intended) of which, how about Speechless!

  6. GentleGrizzly

    Nice work guys! @GAM, @Soundwave, and @Jason M. – Way to push hard today on your first Old Glory and first post for some. Welcome and hope you guys are hooked!

  7. Prison Fruit

    It’s like sometimes I’d almost prefer to work out in winter, than summer! That humidity def. slowed me down. Had a good start, but about 1/2way through 2nd loop it hit me! Struggled to keep pushing, so a little disappointed I couldn’t get to my goal of 4.25. Looking forward to next month and trying again though!

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