The MARSOC Short Card

12 Traditioners including one FNG braved the elements (cool but humid morning) and were introduced to the Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) Short Card at the hands of YHC who did his best Gunny Highway routine, well not really. The good news was delivered to the Pax: There will be very little running today with no loops around the church. Then came the bad news: We will have one LONG Circle of Pain. Things went a little something like this…


Mosey around parking lot to outback including high knees, Stoli skips, and toy soldiers.

Windmill X10IC
Cotton Picker X10IC
Arm Circles (forward and BACKWARD)
The Michael Phelps (or, as Landlord said: The Puff Puff Pass)
Shoulder Stretch (YHC said right leg behind your head instead of elbow and was promptly called out by @Magma. Q Fail!)
Hamstring Stretch

Let’s get to work!


Mumble chatter commenced with Private Pyle, a/k/a @Coyote complaining about the wet ground. YHC’s response in true Gunny Highway fashion: “You’ll get wet and you’ll like it son!” And the mumble chatter pretty much stopped after that. If it continued, I didn’t hear much after that as I was too busy keeping up with my trusty Weinke. #Buckwheatisbestwithweinkeinhand.

1. 30 Push-ups (15IC) YHC used the term push-ups which confused the Pax. My bad, these are Merkins…
2. 30 Air squats
3. 30 Crunches (15IC)
4. 10 Burpees
5. 10 Windmills (IC)
6. 30 Push-ups (15IC)
7. 30 Mountain climbers (15IC)
8. 30 Flutter kicks (15IC)
9. 10 Burpees
10. 10 Cherry pickers (IC)
11. 30 Push-ups (Single count, OYO this time)
12. 30 Star jumpers (or jumping jacks) (We did 15 SSH IC)
13. 30 Back Extensions (“Supermans”)
14. 10 Burpees
15. 10 Chain breakers
16. 30 Push-ups (single count, OYO)
17. 30 Lunges
18. 30 Hello Dollies
19. 10 Burpees
20. 10 Trunk twists (Mason Twist IC)
21. 3 Max sets of dead-hang pull-ups or flexed-arm hangs

Now that we’re done with the MARSOC Short Card and have a little extra time, let’s partner up with partner #1 running the length of the outback, up the hill, and return while partner #2 gets started on 100 Carolina Dry Docks. Switch roles and repeato until 100 reps are finished and then start on 100 LBC’s as a team. Repeato until finished.

Mosey back to parking lot for MARY. @Coyote got excited here as I said lets do something different than what we did during the beatdown. He thought YHC meant new MARY exercises. YHC asked the Pax for any new MARY exercises and the only one who responded was Jillian Michael’s with a suggestion for side planks. Since the Q can’t really do those, I exercised my veto power. We then did the following:

Plank Jacks x15IC
The W x15IC
Airborne Mindbender
The Squirm x15IC (just for Pharoah). He claimed that the airborne mind bender was a more effective exercise. Not for this fat guy!


1) Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning, men. Enjoyed it as always.
2) @Major Pain for the great beatdown idea. Missed you this morning, brother!
3) Welcome Keith FNG. Way to push yourself through a tough beatdown today. Keep coming back! As you heard today, it was rough for everyone the first time. The workouts don’t get easier, but you WILL get stronger.
4) @Magma- It’s good to see you back in action after your 7 month injury hiatus.
5) Great work by everyone today.
6) @Coyote, @Pharaoh @ RibShack: Thanks for picking up the six after COP.
7) Way to encourage and push each other this morning both during and after COP.
8) @Kemosabe is moving Saturday. Is anyone helping??? I am!
9) @Speechless – Getting stronger, brother. Keep it up! Great job EH’ing Keith too!

10 thoughts on “The MARSOC Short Card

  1. Coyote

    Loved the workout! This is one of those things that it’s cool to say I’ve done.

    Thanks for the good Q @Buckwheat! #waytokeepagoodgriponyourweinke

  2. Magma

    Great lead Buckwheat! It was great to be back out there with F3 brothers. Welcome FNG Keith to the gloom.

  3. Buckwheat Post author

    Glad ya’ll enjoyed. It’s always cool to do something that our soldiers do while preparing to defend our great nation from all evils, foreign and domestic!

  4. Dutch

    good work buckwheat… I would have felt more like a marine if I was being yelled that my major pain though!
    Maybe next time we can get a tape of him hurling insults or making unique remarks.

    Serioslly -Thanks to all service men for their commitment!u

  5. MajorPain

    Buckwheat, that workout is not done by soldiers It is done by Marines. Glad everyone enjoyed it. There is also a long card.

  6. Buckwheat Post author

    My bad @Major Pain. Didn’t mean to insult Marines by calling them soldiers. Sure would’ve been more fun with you out there this AM guiding us!

    You should totally sign up to Q soon and put us through this one in true Marine fashion next time!

  7. Buckwheat Post author

    Here you go @The Farm, the MARSOC Recon Long Card:
    1. Side Straddle Hops 30-4
    2. Half Jacks 30-4
    3. Trunk Rotations 10-4
    4. Wind Mills 10-4
    5. Push Ups 50-2
    6. Chest Press Flings 15-4
    7. Dive Bombers 20-2
    8. Boat House Boogie 15-4
    9. Wind Mills 10-4
    10. Tricep Push Ups 25-2
    11. Up Back and Over 10-4
    12. Cherry Pickers 15-4
    13. Push Ups 50-2
    14. Bend Fore Aft 10-4
    15. Sit Ups 200-2
    16. Trunk Rotations 10-4
    17. Push Ups 50-2
    18. Leg Lifts 30-2
    19. Half Sit Ups 50-2
    20. Sun Gods 10-4
    21. Quad Stretch 1 min
    22. 8 Count B Builders 50
    23. V-Ups 20-2
    24. Lunges 20-4
    25. Trunk Rotations 10-4
    26. Flutter Kicks 300-4
    27. Hello Dollies 100-4
    28. Bend Fore Aft 10-4
    29. Push Ups 50-2
    30. Press Chest Flings 15-4
    31. UDT Flutter Kicks 50-2
    32. Crunches 50-2
    33. Inboard/Outboard 10-4
    34. Up Back and Over 10-4
    35. Trunk Rotations 10-4
    36. Neck Rotations 10-4
    37. Tricep Push Ups 25-2
    38. Boat House Boogie 15-4
    39. Dive Bombers 15-2
    40. Steam Engines 30-4
    41. Boot Slappers 20-4
    42. Standing Hamstring Stretch 1 min
    43. Squats 30-4
    44. Calf Raisers 2 min
    45. Calf Stretch 1 min
    46. Star Jumpers 20-2
    47. 12 Count Bodybuilders 25
    48. 3 Mile Run

    Looks brutal, almost like a good plan for a CSAUP event!

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