Predictable…No, Consistent Beatdown

The VSF was planted and 19 men ran off into the gloom for a beatdown sans too much running.


Windmills x 10IC

Merkins x 10IC

Burpee countdown 10, 9, 8…

The Thang

A few steps to the west wall of RRMS

Wall Walk(?) x 10 (Up to balls to the wall for 1 second, down and stand up)

A few steps to the BB goals

Bear Crawl to 1st goal…10 Squats

Bear Crawl to 2nd goal…10 CCD

repeato to 3rd and 4th goal

Slow mosey to guard rail

10 to 1 Ladder – Dips / Merkins

A few steps to the playground

10 to 1 Ladder – Pull Ups / Squats

Mosey to southern field of HCES

Tunnel Of Love

Mosey to ES middle lot


LBC x 10IC…audible called The Nanny, had to go to 20IC

Rosalita x 20IC

Freddie Mercury x 20IC

WWII Sit-Ups x 20OYO


– It is nice to occasionally roam your region and lead a beatdown, however, the familiar faces and familiarity of your home AO is always a welcome sight

– The Nanny predicted the burpee countdown during COP…I guess YHC needs to up the ante and update the signature COP festivities

– Several BS calls were made throughout the beatdown, YHC will take that as a compliment. #keepitmovin

– Murdock(?) upgraded YHC’s beatdown from predictable to consistent, YHC will take consistent

– Thanks for having me lead your beatdown this morning and as always, the pleasure was all yours. #YHChasnextweekalso

1 thought on “Predictable…No, Consistent Beatdown

  1. Dropcloth

    Gulfstream that was brutal – nice job! When your first exercise is a burpee ladder you know it’s going to be a tough one the rest of the way. I literally thought I was going to eat pavement on the dips and merkin ladder. Look forward to your next one. 20 ladder burpee?

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