Little Box o Pain

8 PAX posted on a overcast breezy morning.



Saddle up and Head to the Box passing by Hill 216 for some SIDEWINDERS bc we can and they are really good for you.

COP at top of HILL 216

Bulgarian ball busters x20: Reverse lunge ending with a sharp knee-up. Should be accompanied by a karate sound for maximum effect. (Thanks Mac in Lexington.) x 20

Smurf Jacks x 15 IC: Side straddle hop performed in the squat position. Can be done in cadence or OYO. (Thanks Iceman in Greenville.) ..THESE BLOW and I give credit to KGB for first sharing this gosh awful thang wid us.

Stump Jumpers x 10 IC: Uhhh..I think you know these by now.

Mosey to bottom of MINESHAFT ONE on NW corner of NE Parking Deck


A continuous loop with 2 mineshafts and 4 exercises done with partner

STATION 1 : Outside Shaft 1

Booyah! Merkin x 10: In honor of the late great Stuart Scott, who no doubt would have been an F3 Dash pax, had F3 been in Winston-Salem decades ago. 2 pax plank facing each other perform merkin in unison and on up move reach out and tap right hand to partner’s left shoulder, repeat merkin in unison with left hand tap to partner’s shoulder to complete one rep. Each up move accompanied by a spirited BOOYAH! (Thanks Skid Mark in Winston-Salem


STATION 2: Top of Shaft 1

Crab Cakes x 10: Start from crab walk position, raise right hand and left leg, touch hand to knee. Return to starting position and repeat with opposite hand/leg.  (Thanks Full House in Greensboro.)

STATION 3: Across the top deck heading E to Shaft 2

Broad Jump Burpee x 5: Combination of burpee with a broad jump forward at end of burpee. (Thanks Carrier in CLT Metro.

Run to next station

STATION:4: At top of Shaft 2

Jump Stars x 10: Think Jump Squat but with hands and arms all going out and up instead of just up.

Run down Shaft 2 and across lower deck to Shaft 1 (END OF CYCLE ONE)


Mosey to MARY


LBC x 15 IC

Floyd Mayweather variant – Plank Punch x 10 IC: From a basic plank position, raise one hand off the ground and punch straight out keeping the core stabilized. Complete in cadence and switch to other arm. (Thanks Scoliosis in Summerville.

Reverse Crunches x 10


Thanks to all that could POST today and for allowing me to lead.  If you are wondering where I got the new stuff you need to check out our website at and at top left tab (What is F3?) scroll down to exercises.  There are gazillions of new moves with explanations. Very funny reading really.  Mineshaft ONE was 900 Kelvin and made it hard to breath.  Hospital needs to put air in there or open a window.  That hurt a bit. First 2 cycles were not bad. From 3 onward all looked pretty beatdown.  We got to five and I was proud of PAX for that effort.  Give yourself a “good boy”. Scooby confirmed today that Doolittle is part time and only works in the fall occasionally when not at his coastal houses. TONIGHT IS RED WHITE AND BREW AT INTIMIDATORS GAME so come out for some F2 and cheap beer.