Field Trip Time

9 Traditioners and 2 Highlanders met in the cool gloom for a patented @Dutch style Four Corners of Pain beatdown with a bonus field trip. 8 Traditioners showed up for a cruise. Their backblast will be posted separately on the FIA website according to @Major Pain… Things went a little something like this.

Disclaimer given.

Mosey to the Outback

Warm Up:
Windmill X15IC
Mountain Climber X15IC
Arm Circles forward and backward
Triceps/Shoulder Stretch
Hamstring Stretch

The Thang:
Grab a cinder block. Choose wisely cause you’ll be carrying for a while…. YHC didn’t listen to his own advice here and paid the price the first Four Corners of Pain.

10 CB Burpees then straight into Four Corners of Pain:

Round 1:
CB Squats X15 OYO (in a group), walk to corner #2 w/ CB overhead
CB Curls X15 OYO, walk to corner #3 w/ CB straight out at chest level and hold
CB Merkins X15 OYO, walk to corner #4 w/ CB overhead
CB Clean and Press X15 OYO, walk to corner #1 w/ CB straight out at chest level and hold

Round 2:
CB Shoulder Press X15 OYO, walk to corner #2 w/ CB overhead
CB Sumo Squat X15 OYO, walk to corner #3 w/ straight out at chest level and hold
CB Chest Press X15 OYO, walk to corner #4 w/ CB overhead
CB Lawnmower Pulls X10 each arm

WWII Situps w/ CB X15 OYO
Pullovers w/ CB X15 OYO

Mosey to haunted day care w/ CB without letting it touch the ground.
8-2, 2-8 ladder (in increments of 2) w/ CB Burpees at bottom of hill and Carolina Dry Docks at top, quadrafeelia w/ CB to top of hill, carry CB back down the hill.

***Somewhere in the middle of this ladder, while YHC was getting ready to start a set of CB Burpees, I was sidetracked by a HOTTIE who ran by at about a four minute mile pace. We greeted the fine runner and, for a second, YHC wanted to go on a cruise #FIRSTTIMEEVER. @Triple Threat brought me back down to earth and I got back to work on my CB Burpees. After the beatdown, I learned from @Dingo that the HOTTIE was @Jumangi’s wife. T-Claps, Brother!!!!

Walk to the Cement Wall of Fury w/ CB overhead. People’s Chair w/ CB for 20 seconds and then do CB Shoulder Presses X10 IC while remaining in seated position. Just like that, our field trip was over.

Mosey back to outback without letting CB touch the ground. Drop off CB’s in a neat and orderly fashion.

15 Pullups
15 Squat Jumps
10 Diamond Merkins (A little lighting for @Major Pain)

Mosey to parking lot for Mary:

Here comes the mumble chatter from @Coyote and @Dingo. YHC just ignored them and kept on with what was on my trusty Weinke…

Low Flutter X15IC Hold and go straight into
Low Dolly X15IC
Pretzel Crunch X10IC (each side)


1) Thanks for letting me lead, gents.
2) Way to push yourselves guys. I saw a lot of hard work today with very little mumble chatter. Love it!!
3) Glad you came out to check out Iron Fist @The Nanny. Hope you enjoyed it. I bet those cute gardening gloves came in handy with your CB… You seemed to handle the CB very well. You should think about converting from a cruiser to a fister. Running is overrated! In all seriousness, hope the foot heals up quickly.
4) @Blacksheep: thanks also for making the trek over from Highlands.
5) @Rib Shack: Hope you’re enjoying the transfer from Harrisburg to Tradition. Glad to have you!
6) @Country: It’s great to see your progress, brother. Keep pounding away!
7) @TripleThreat: Thanks for reigning me back in the middle of that ladder in a brief moment of weakness. Cruising, what was I thinking??? BTW, you were killing it during the ladder. Great job!
8) @Gazebos and @Fluffy Pounds, you guys are definitely getting stronger!!
9) If you have an iPhone, download the new F3 App in the App Store. It’s pretty cool and is an easy way to get all the BB’s from the MECA region. One bonus is that you don’t have to wait for the daily Gloom Chronicles or find an old e-mail like to check the BB. Once you download the app, you will need to create a new account (UN & PW) as the app is a different platform than the F3 website. You can use the same UN and PW you do for the F3 website. They have been beta testing the app for Android phones and sent it to production, so it should be coming soon in the Google Play Store.
10) Longest moleskin ever. Have a great day!

13 thoughts on “Field Trip Time

  1. Dingo

    #pounding……#Fisting……#playingwithhisweinke……..quite an interesting beatdown there Buckwheat 😉

    1. The Farm

      Exactly. Are you sure OUR backblast is the one that should be posted to the FIA site?!

  2. Bloodsport

    This is why the App says…”rated 9+ for infrequent (right) mild profanity or crude humor”. Will have to download it.

    Buckwheat great work out today.

  3. Dutch

    Thanks for the shout out @ buckwheat. I may have patented it but you have perfected it . Missed the pax this morn. was up early at four am catching our missed flight from NYC to Bos. #hateflying.

  4. Coyote

    All I was mumbling about was the fact that you copied the Mary that we were doing…exercise for exercise….in the same order!

    I think you fiddled with your weinke when you saw our Mary!

    #weinkefiddling #buckwheatisathisbestwithweinkeinhand

  5. Bottom Dweller

    I was planning on posting at “The Maul” in Ballantyne this morning only to realize halfway down that I forgot a shirt for work. Turned around and by the time I got back home it was too late to head over for some Iron Fist so I ended up on a #selfQ beatdown around my apartment complex. Wasn’t too bad if I don’t say so myself, but it wasn’t as much fun. I would have welcomed a fern to keep me company if there was one around. #missingthefern

  6. The Nanny

    @Buckwheat Solid beatdown this morning. Thanks for leading. Enjoyed the more primitive movements with the CB as compared to a KB. I think the CB works a wider variety of muscle groups b/c you are always trying to get the balance right.

    @MajorPain You know you are in for an entertaining time if Major is in the house. No disappointments this morning. I can’t wait to someday meet your wife man.

    @Dingo Didn’t you say a tomato did a ninja roll out of a van in the parking lot and took off through the bushes when we were getting started? I missed that….

    1. Dingo

      Someone definitely snuck out of the bushes and took off down the street!!?? @The Farm do you know anything about this??

      1. The Farm

        I’m late as usual. I had to consult the lexicon for this one! My M has started riding with me in the mornings to go walking/running while I work out since she says that’s the only way she will wake up so early. She darts off quickly so she does not become a #tomato. You guys are hilarious. And jerks! Especially @Dingo!

  7. TripleThreat

    Great beatdown this morning! I like seeing those spectacular views every morning too, lol @Buckwheat

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