Fellowship Cruise!

8 men shook off the dust and broke into the gloom to begin what will be a journey they will never forget!  20 weeks from now, each of these men will run the Thunder Road Full or Half Marathon!  Today we took the first step in a 20 week journey that will make or break us.  BUT together we will do this!

2 options to get us started this morning.  A 4 miler or a 3 miler.

Turn right out of Church and up to DeArmon.  Turn around and run back to AO, do a lap around Church to get full 3 miles in.  4 milers continue on down to the business park 1 mile route and back to AO.

The Sweat Dripping Moleskin;

  1. Great work men!
  2. I am really looking forward to this training!  Last year Funky Bunch and I did the Half training pretty much on our own.  I think having a larger support group is gonna make this a little easier.
  3. Remember, we are all going to struggle at different stages through out this 20 week period.  Support each other.  Encourage each other.  Push each other.  Together we are stronger.
  4. Great 2ndF on the run.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the fellowship of a nice cruise!  We even covered politics and religion without killing each other 😉
  5. Shout out to @Coyote – Not easy for the big guys to run, but you did it bro! One step at a time!
  6. Good to see our F3DavisLake brothers @The Farm, @Cinderblock and @King Julian – I hope you bring Piston and Preamble with you next week!
  7. @BlindDate – Awesome job not stopping at the 3 mile mark!  There were a couple little questioning groans from you, but a slight encouragement and you hit the road again and knocked out 4!
  8. @trail Mix – I hope your knees are OK bro?  Rest up
  9. @Urlacher – Does everyone know that Urlacher ran a half marathon drunk?!!


9 thoughts on “Fellowship Cruise!

  1. Coyote

    I appreciate the support guys! When we finished up I asked @Farm what our pace/time was and it was a minute and a half faster than what I had been running on my own! Teamwork and support is never more important in fitness than in activities like this!

    So thanks to all the above listed PAX for coming back and pushing me when I needed it! I’m looking forward to continuing this with you guys!

  2. Man Down

    Strong showing at the Cruise today! Sorry I missed it. Although I am not planning on doing Thunder Road, I still want to run on Wednesdays. After eight consecutive posts, however, my body succumbed to the fartsack this morning! I plan to be out there next week though!

  3. The Farm

    Great job by all. I’m glad it wasn’t too hot out there this morning. I am ready for the fall and winter.

    Me and Coyote are convinced that @Buckwheat didn’t prep for Mary and just copied what we had already done.

    Special shout out to the fastest man a Davis Lake, King Julien, for making it look easy this morning. That’s three consecutive posts (including the Murph) brother. Do I smell a #sixpack coming???

  4. Forgotten Jelly

    Great showing by all this morning. I look forward to training with you for the half marathon. Hope to start next week.

  5. BlindDate

    Enjoyed it. Always a lot easier when running with a group that on your own. Was waiting for @Urlacher (aka White Shadow) to comment “So guys, that was a good 4 mile warmup. Anyone ready to run now?”

    @Dingo – That indecision I had after 3 miles was a debate of “Do I go the extra mile or do I hightail it for the woods (dingo style)” Either way, thanks for the push (no pun intended.) But I must say that I have never driven so fast back to the house after a workout.

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